2 Yogasanas enhance the beauty of the face, keep your body and mind fit.

2 Yogasanas enhance the beauty of the face, keep your body and mind fit.

Yoga is very effective for peace of mind and body. Not only this, you can also maintain your beauty with yoga. External makeup can give two moments of happiness but it cannot satisfy the mind. With a little hard work you can stay beautiful. In this article, we are telling you about 2 Yogasanas, Sarvangasana and Suptavajrasana that enhance the beauty of the face, keep your body and mind fit.


Sarvangasana means sarvang and asana. In this posture, lying on the ground, the abdomen with the feet also goes up with the help of hands. Know, the method, benefits and precautions to perform congruency.

  • First of all, you have to lie straight on your back.
  • Now both the feet should be joined and keep the palm of your hands on the ground, adjacent to the side.
  • With the help of hands while filling the breath, slowly move the feet up from 30 degree to 90 degree.
  • Now put your hands behind the waist.
  • While coming back, tilt the raised legs slightly backwards.
  • Remove both hands from the waist and keep it on the ground.
  • Now placing your palm on the ground in the order in which you used to rise, first slowly back and then feet.
  • Repeat this process again after resting for a while.

Benefit from this asana

By doing this asana regularly, the face skin tightens and strengthens the hair roots. To get the most out of this asana, do Matsyasana before this.

Take these precautions

If you have high blood pressure or have problems like slip discs and thyroid then do not do this asana. Apart from this, even if you have complaints in the neck and spine, do not do this asana.


As it is known from the name itself that the sleeping means slept and Suptavajrasana means slept in the state of Vajrasana. In this posture, reclining is done on the back. Learn the method, precautions and benefits of doing this asana …

  • First of all, sit on the ground on your knees.
  • Now place the buttock between the ankles of both feet.
  • During this, take a deep breath and keep going.
  • After that, put both hands behind the back on the ground, slowly tilt the body backwards. Place the upper part of the head on the ground.
  • Now keep both hands on the stomach and stop for a comfortable period and then come back to the previous position.
  • Initially only hold for 15 seconds. After that you can stop for 5 to 6 minutes.

Benefits of this asana

Along with making the body shapely, energetic, this asana is also effective for knee, chest and spinal cord. With this asana, blood flows in the abdominal channels, which makes them strong. It controls heart beat and smooths blood circulation. By applying this asana daily, facial wrinkles are reduced. Apart from this, fat and stomach fat also decreases.

Take these precautions-

People who have complaints of air disorders, back pain should not do this asana. This posture should not be done immediately after meals. Apart from this, those who are complaining of knee pain should not do this asana.