4 yoga poses to relieve period pain.

 4 yoga poses to relieve period pain.

There are some days of the month for every woman, which they do not like at all. Then no matter how old your fitness level may be, but the painful symptoms of menstrual cycle have the power to spoil the daily routine of any woman. Every month women have to face common problems like flatulence, pain, headache, nausea at one time. Periods not only cause physical pain but they also make you emotionally disturbed. Most women take chemist medicines to avoid this period pain or resort to home remedies to get relief. But perhaps you do not know that with the help of some easy yogasan one can get relief from period pain. All these asanas relax your uterus muscles and reduce the period pain, so let us know which are these yogasanas and 4 yoga poses to relieve period pain.

Many people believe that no woman should do any kind of workouts when bleeding. However, by doing some yoga exercises, one can easily get relief from period pain. In this article, we are telling you about 4 such yogasanas, which can help you in dealing with period pain.


Step 1: Open the legs at an equal distance and stand upright on the ground.

Step 2: Now take a breath and straighten both your hands above your head. Your body should be in a straight line and the spine should not be bent at all.

Step 3: While exhaling start bending and bend the legs forward. Your torso should touch well on your feet.

Step 4: You can bend your knees slightly to put less pressure on your lower back. If you can, bring your fingers to the ground or join the palms with the toes.

Step 5: To come up, breathe and gently place your hands on your hips. Push your tailbone and try to slowly elevate your abdominal muscles.

Baddha Konasana (Baddha Konasana)

Step 1: Sit on the ground comfortably with your legs spread out in front of you.

Step 2: Now bend the knees and unfold the soles of both your feet.

Step 3: Hold both toes with your hands and gently bring the heel closer to the hips.

Step 4: Breathe and relax your body. Keep your spine straight, relax the shoulders and look straight.

Step 5: While exhaling, press your knees on the ground and slowly lean forward from your hips towards your feet.

Step 6: Go down as far as possible while keeping your spine straight.

Step 7: Stay in this position for a few seconds, then come to the starting position.

Supta Baddha Konasana

Step 1: Lie on your back on a yoga mat with your feet extended and hands relaxed.

Step 2: Bend the knees of both feet and bring the soles of both feet together in the center.

Step 3: Rest the edges of the feet on the ground.

Step 4: Keep your hand out and slowly breathe in and out.

Step 5: Stay in this position for a few seconds and try to relax.

Step 6: Return to the starting position and repeat the same procedure 5 to 10 times.


Step 1: Lie on your knees with both feet together. And keep your hands in the front. In this situation your thighs should be relaxed.

Step 2: Exhale and slowly tilt your torso forward. Your stomach should be resting on your thighs and the head should touch the mat.

Step 3: Unleash your hands in such a way that your palms touch the front of the mat.

Step 4: Breathe in and out for 2 to 3 seconds and then return to the same position.

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