5 home remedies for eye irritation & itching and get rest in few minutes.

5 home remedies for eye irritation & itching and get rest in few minutes.

What do you do when itchy eyes? Usually people rub the eye in which there is a problem, but do you know that doing this can make things worse. Itchy eyes, which in medical terms are known as ocular pruritus, are usually accompanied by burning, dryness and a rash of dirt inside the eye. It can be especially itchy eyelids based on the eyelids, red eyes or swollen eyelids. Itchy eyes can be caused by an irritating substance (called allergen) – such as pollen, dust, and animal dandruff, or eye light. Let us tell you about 5 home remedies for eye irritation & itching and get rest in few minutes.

This substance called allergen increases the release of compounds called histamine into the tissues around the eyes, causing itching, redness and swelling in the eyes. Although the itching in the eyes usually disappears within a few hours, sometimes this problem can persist for several days. You buy drops from the medical shop for allergic eye drops, itchy eyes, which can help reduce the symptoms of this problem. But there are also many effective home remedies for itchy eyes. All you need to do for this is apply a clean, cool, moist washcloth over your closed eyes and you will get rest in a while. Instead of rubbing them the next time you have itchy eyes, try these natural remedies to reduce eye irritation and itching. These tips will help you to relax without causing any harm.

Aloe vera juice

Mix 4 tablespoons aloe vera gel (60 g), half cup of water (62 ml) and 4 pieces of ice in a blender. Dip some cotton pieces in this cold mixture and apply it on the eyelids. Use this piece as a compress and wash it after 10 minutes. Repeat this process twice a day if needed.

Coriander seeds

This spice has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can help relieve itchy eyes, especially if it is caused by an infection. In addition, the moisturizing properties of coriander seeds can combat dryness and promote tear production. Boil one cup of water, and add 1 tbsp of coriander seeds to it. When it cools down, keep it for a while and wash your eyes with this fluid. You can also put 2 or 3 drops of this fluid in each eye using a dropper.

Chamomile infusion

To boil, take 1 cup of water (250 ml) and put 2 tablespoons of chamomile flower (20 grams) in it. Leave the liquid at room temperature for some time or, if you prefer to use it too cold, keep it in the refrigerator. Apply it as a compress on the eyelids using a cotton ball.

Cold milk and rose water

Add 1 teaspoon rose water to 1 cup of cold milk. Moisten the cotton pieces with the mixture and place them on closed eyelids. Let them sit for 10 or 15 minutes. By doing this, your eyes will get cold and itching will go away.

Fennel seeds

This is a good solution to overcome the problem of eyesight, such as eyesight and dryness in eyes. Fennel seeds have anti-inflammatory properties. Boil 1 tbsp of fennel seeds in a cup of water and let it cool. Dip cotton pieces in it and place them on closed eyelids. Leave it for 15 minutes, do it twice a day and you will soon see a rest.