5 tips to protect children from viral infections in winter season.

5 tips to protect children from viral infections in winter season.

Winter weather makes your children vulnerable to many diseases and in such a situation it becomes very difficult to protect them from freezing. But if some precautions are taken, they can be prevented from freezing. Treating children at the right time, caring for children, cleaning will keep your child safe. Nowadays, if children get a little bit of fever or cold, then they become very weak and they remain ill for a long time. Let us know how children can be protected from viral infections in winter. Learn 5 tips to protect children from viral infections in winter season as explained below.

How to save children from getting sick?

Take care of cleaning around you, if garbage is deposited in any place, clean it as soon as possible, because mosquitoes, flies on them can reach your children and harm them. If water is stored in the cooler or tank on your roof, clean them and do not allow dirty water to accumulate in them.

In the morning and evening, let the children out of the house rarely, as most dengue mosquitoes are found during the day. On the arrival of mild winters, the children should wear warm clothes so that no mosquito bites them easily.

Those who already have a cold, ask their children to keep a distance so that they do not fall prey to it.

Eat washed vegetables and don’t let your children eat outside food. Make your children habit of washing hands, so that germs do not get into their stomachs. And they stay away from diseases. Drink RO water or boil water to your children, because drinking dirty or excess cold water in this season can cause your children to get cold. In this way they can also fall ill.

Bath your children with lukewarm water as they can also fall ill after bathing with cold water during winter. After bathing small children should be massaged with oil and choose clothes according to the season.

How to take care of sick children

  • If they have a cold, do not use tissue paper again and again. Because it can protect your children from infection.
  • If you have an infection, take it to the doctor as soon as possible and keep giving medicines in time. If your child is not well with taking medicines many times, then get his blood tested. Because many diseases like dengue, malaria are spreading these days.
  • Timely vaccination is very important, which protects your children from diseases like whooping cough, tetanus, polio, measles. If you do not take care of it, then it will make your children a victim of major diseases.
  • Take special care of eating and drinking because the children like to eat outside, which is very harmful for them.
  • Things like chips, chocolate, ice cream are very harmful during illness, so do not give them at all.
  • Parents should take special care because if you fall ill, then this viral can easily make your children sick too.

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