5 yogasanas For Asthma

5 yogasanas For Asthma

Asthma is a serious disease of the respiratory system, in which the respiratory tract and lungs are severely affected. Asthma patients have to take many precautions. In such a situation, if they resort to yoga, then it may be a little easier for them. Yoga refreshes your body and mind and creates new energy in it. Actually, the throat and chest become very sensitive, they get strength from yoga. Know which yoga postures to try in asthma can help your health. Doing yoga makes you feel better than before.

Yoga is beneficial for Asthma patients. 5 yogasanas For Asthma are described below;

1. Sukhasan

After laying the mat or mat, bend both legs comfortably and sit with a foot. Keep the mind calm and relaxed during this asana. Now keep the body straight and stretched, so that the body and waist remain absolutely straight. After this, open the fingers of both hands and keep them on the knees. After this, while doing pranayama in general, it is possible to sit in this posture for as long as possible.

2. Ardha Matyendra Asan

In this posture, first spread both your legs straight and after that bend your left leg and sit on the heel. Now make the right leg bend from the knee and stand on the ground behind the thigh while moving it above the thigh of the left leg. Now cross the left hand with the knee of the right foot, that is, while holding the knee in the side, hold the right toe with the left hand. Now rotate the right hand from behind the back. Turn the head to the right so that the chin and left shoulder come in a straight line. Do not bend down. Keep the chest absolutely taut.

3. Shavasana

The meaning of dead body is dead, that is, because of making your body like a dead body, this posture is called Shavasana. By lying on the back, there is maximum difference between the two legs. The paws of the feet are outside and the eddy is placed in the inside. Keep both hands at a distance of about six inches from the body. The fingers of the hands are bent, the neck remains straight. Keep your eyes closed.

4. Anulom Vilom

In Anulom Vilom Pranayama draws breath through the right nostril, then exhales through the left nostril. Similarly, if you draw breath from the left nostril, then exhale through the right nostril. With its regular practice, all the nerves of the body are treated, that is, they remain clean and healthy.

5. Pawan Muktasan

The contaminated air of the body is removed by Pawan Muktsana. That is why it is called Pawan Muktasana. In this, lie in the posture of the body of the body and join the two legs together. Now mix the hands with the waist. Then bend the knees and join the claws to the ground. After this, keep both the knees on the chest slowly. Make hands scissors and hold the knees. Then while exhaling, raise the head above the ground and mix the chin with the knees. Press the knees towards the chest with palms made of hand scissors.