The one who uses lip balm frequently should know its harmful affects.

The one who uses lip balm frequently should know its harmful affects.

Along with taking care of the skin in the changing season, it is important that you take care of your lips as well. Chapped lips look very bad. To avoid this, people often uses different types of things so that their lips are always healthy.

It is very important to have good lips along with skin and face. Tattered lips not only hurt you, but they also take away your face smile. By the way, many lip balm uses in the market or they are also adopting domestic methods so that their lips always look healthy and beautiful.

Why lips crack?

Especially in winter season people have to face this problem more. During the winter season, cold winds start to move, due to which the moisture in both the skin and lips decreases. Because of which lips start to crack. Along with this, due to not taking healthy food in the winter, there is a lack of nutrients in the body, due to which your lips start to crack.

It is very important to take care of your skin as well as lips during the winter season. But do you know that some lip balms in the market use many types of chemical, which are very harmful for your health. Lip balm contains ingredients that increase the risk of cancer. From whom you are very important to protect yourself. We will tell you how you should take care of your lips or what to do and what not to do.

This is how to take care of lips:

Drink more water

Your lips crack when they start to dry, if you keep the moisture in them properly then your lips will always be healthy. For this you need to drink a lot of water. People often drink less water during winters, due to which their body starts getting moisture. If you drink the right amount of water, then it will keep the right amount of moisture in your body and your lips will not burst.

Eat fish

Consuming fish helps in your body’s omega-3 fatty acid deficiency which hydrates your skin. If you do not like to eat fish, then you can also take fish oil capsules for it, which will have the same effect in your body as it does on fish food.

Uses as humidifier

Nowadays most people are using humidifiers to increase pollution, which improves air as well as works to make moisture in air. You can also use as humidifier at home to create moisture in your body. When there is moisture in your body, it will also keep your lips healthy.

Adopt household items

If you want to protect your lips from dryness, you can also adopt domestic methods for this. You can use ghee, almond oil or jojoba oil for your lips. With this, you supply all the nutrients in your body so that there is no lack of any kind of nutrition in your body.

If you also want to use lip balm, you can consult a doctor about this. Doctors can recommend you better lip balm so that there is no harm to your health.

Don’t do these things becasuse of following harmful affects:

Do not apply tongue repeatedly

Many people have a habit of repeatedly putting their tongues on the lips. But do you know that applying your tongue repeatedly is harmful to your lips and causes the lips to crack. Let me tell you that after wetting the lips repeatedly on the lips, lips begin to dry again after a while. After which we start applying the tongue again. This does not reduce this problem, rather it becomes more.


Often women keep lipstick in parties or office hours due to which the lips start to deteriorate. You try not to use lipstick for a long time.

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