Learn important tips for what to do if you feel symptoms like corona virus.

Learn important tips for what to do if you feel symptoms like corona virus.

People are nervous now due to corona virus. For general ailments, you can consult your family doctor or familiar doctors over the phone.At this time, the worst mental state is of those people, who are suffering from symptoms like cough, cold, fever. Since the primary symptoms of corona virus are also cough, cold, fever, people are getting very nervous in these conditions. Let us tell you Learn important tips for what to do if you feel symptoms like corona virus..

Learn most important tips

Coughs, colds and fever are not at all an indication that you are a victim of the corona virus. According to experts, there may be more than 2000 conditions and diseases, due to which you may have cough, cold, fever. Especially in the month of March, due to the way the effect of rain and cold is still persistent in many states, due to common flu, pneumonia, swine flu, bird flu or common cold, cough, cold fever can also occur. So if you are having these problems, do not panic. Now know what you should do in such a situation and learn important tips for such situation.

What to do if you live alone?

There are many people who live alone in cities other than their families, especially students and employed people. If a person lives alone and has a cough, cold, or fever, then it is important to first stop leaving their home. Such a person should be alone for at least 7 days after first showing symptoms of cough or cold. If he sees the situation getting serious in these 7 days, he should wear a mask and contact him at the nearest government hospital or call the helpline number issued by the government and ask for help.

But keep in mind, if you feel that your fever, cough or cold is normal in these 7 days, then there is nothing to panic. For this, you can meet your nearest doctor and take medicine. Yes, do so as a precaution to get out only by applying a mask on the mouth or visit a doctor.

What to do if you live with family?

If you live with your family and you or any family member shows symptoms of cough, cold, fever, then in this case, some general things are important to keep in mind-

  • He and his family are advised not to leave the house for at least 14 days before the family member who first shows symptoms of cough, cold, fever.
  • In such a situation, arrange a separate room for the member of the family who has the first symptoms of cough, cold and fever.
  • Gather all the necessary materials for that person in this room and ask them not to leave the room.
  • For such a person, make proper arrangements for soap, sanitizer, towel, bed sheet, pillow, tissue paper, mask, handkerchief and essential medicines on the first day.
  • Note that it has been mentioned above that such a person or his family members should not leave for 14 days. During this time, other family members should also wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before putting their hands on the mouth, nose or eyes.
  • Apart from this, maintain a distance of at least 3 feet (1 meter) from the patient for necessary things and work.
  • If there is any seriousness in the condition of the patient during these 7 days such as – shortness of breath, vomiting or coughing, etc., then you should take him to the nearest government hospital.
  • Note that during this time, both the patient and the person accompanying him should exit wearing masks.

If other family members show symptoms?

If within these 14 days the same symptoms are seen in any other member of the family, which had appeared in the first member, then in such a situation make separate arrangements for the other member to stay for the next 7 days from the day the symptoms appear. And ask to wait.
It is important to note here that if the same symptoms finds in another member, then the quarantine period of that member will be consider starting from the day on which the symptoms start appearing, ie the next 7 days.

No need to panic

If you or any family member shows symptoms like cough, cold, fever, there is no need to panic. The first thing is that according to the Indian government, the corona virus has not yet spread to the community level, so if you have not traveled abroad recently or met someone who has returned from abroad, then this thing It is very unlikely that you have been a victim of corona virus. Colds, colds, fever are also due to other reasons in this season. Other types of flu are also contagious, so they too can spread from one person to another. So if 2 or more members of the family also have cough, cold, fever, then there is no need to panic.

Be cautious about the elderly

If a member in your household is 60 years or older and shows the same symptoms, then you should be cautious. Such elderly person should rush to the hospital as soon as he feels shortness of breath. The young people who have been hit by the corona virus have a very high record of recovery, so there is no need to worry about such people. But the records of corona virus affected elderly have been poor in all countries of the world, so in that case you need to be careful.

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