Advantages of alum that you don’t know.

Advantages of alum that you don’t know.

In your childhood, you must have seen many times your father, grandfather or big men of the house used alum while making a gimmick and wondered why they do this. The question must have come in mind that why not see what this thing is and what are its benefits. Actually alum has always been used as an anti-septic. The skin remains soft after shaving and does not spread any cut marks to the septic, so it has been used. Alum not only keeps the skin soft but also keeps it healthy. The shining stone-alum is rich in many medicinal properties. Yes, read it right, you can use alum to get rid of many problems and advantages of alum that you don’t know.

.According to health experts, the anti-bacterial properties found in alum work to protect us from infection. Before giving more information about alum, let us tell you that there are two types of alum. The first is red, which is rarely used, and the second is white, which is used in almost every household. In addition to shaving, alum is also used to clean water. According to Ayurveda, about 23 types of health problems can be overcome with alum.

Advantages of alum that you don’t know are described below:

Alum to remove yellowing of teeth

Do you have problems with yellowing of teeth? If the answer is yes, then alum is the cure for your problem. Yes, for this you have to put alum in a glass of water and leave it for a while. When the alum completely dissolves in water, rinse with that water. Doing this regularly will help to remove yellowing of teeth.

Alum will remove the smell of the feet

Do you also start smelling from the feet after wearing shoes all day, even if you have worn clean socks? If yes, you can wash your feet with alum water to get rid of this problem. For this you have to put a piece of alum in a bucket. When alum dissolves in water, soak the feet in alum water for 5 to 15 minutes. By doing this, you will get rid of bad odor soon.

Injury infection is less

If you get hurt while shaving or you get injured due to any reason, then the risk of infection increases. But if you have alum, then you can avoid this infection. To avoid infection, clean the affected limb with alum water. If there is bleeding due to injury, grind the alum and apply it on that place. By doing this, the bleeding will stop, as well as the pain will be relaxed.

Will help to remove facial wrinkles

The wrinkles on the face have troubled you and you are tired of applying expensive products, then alum water is very beneficial for you. For this, you have to take a piece of alum and dip it in water and apply it on the face with light hands. After doing this for a while, wash your face with clean water and see amazing.

Sweat smells away too

If you sweat at all for a little work and the body starts to smell, alum can play an important role in giving you relief. To remove the smell of sweat, first of all make fine powder of alum. Add some quantity of alum powder to your bath water and take a shower. By doing this your sweat smell will go away.

The problem of cough will go away

If you are troubled by asthma or chronic cough problem then alum is very beneficial for you. You mix alum powder in honey and lick it. By doing this, you get relief in cough and your health does not get worse.

Alum helpful in killing lice

If a child or elder in your house is troubled by head lice, then washing hair with alum water is the solution to your problem. Actually, the anti-bacterial properties present in alum work to kill lice and also remove other types of dirt.

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