Barcelona vs Real Madrid results : El Clásico finished in 0-0 draw for the first time in 17 years.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid results : El Clásico finished in 0-0 draw for the first time in 17 years.

Real Madrid overhaul Barcelona for the bulk of Wednesday’s La Liga clash, but unsuccessful to dominate and Clásico terminated the breakup to top the Catalans with a goal difference.

The line was removed by both sides and Gareth Bell put the ball into the net after the interval, but his strike was dismissed for offside and for the first time since November 2002 the fixture ended.

The draw left Barca with 36 points to go with 17 points, three clear of third-placed Sevilla.

The game was restarted on 26 October due to political upheaval, which took place two months before separatist leaders were given lengthy prison sentences after toppling in Catalonia and played amid protests in favor of independence near the stadium Was.

The loud chanting of “Freedom” and “Freedom” greeted the kick-off, while many supporters raised flags reading “Spain sit and talk” distributed by protest organizers in a call for dialogue between the central government and Catalonia.

Zinedine Zidan’s side fired 12 shots to the hosts’ goal before the interval, coming closest with a Casimiro header that Gerard Peak snatched from the goalkeeper, while he also had two penalty appeals away from challenges on Rafael Vern Were.

Ramos said his side was unfortunate not to earn the spot-kick.

He told reporters that Today they saw a great Real Madrid with a lot of character, which is exactly the image they wanted to give. They went out to try and get the ball and they created a lot of opportunities.

“We looked at the penalty appeal at half-time and they seemed very clear, they are both punishments but we can’t change it. The VAR is there to help, but today we didn’t get a bit of luck either.”

Cassimiro said that on the pitch he wasn’t sure, but when he saw Vern’s leg at half-time and in the video, there was no doubt that it was a penalty. He went home a little angry because at least they could have watched it again. Then they can give penalty or not but atleast they could look at it.

Barca saw a lack of ideas, with Lionel Messi the only source of his inspiration.

He could break the deadlock in the first half but Madrid captain Sergio Ramos slipped to the floor to achieve his goal.

Messi later gave a scooped pass to Jord Alba, but the defender scored just wide goals, while Barca’s all-time top scorer was inadvertently lousy at times and had a clear chance to score in the second half.

Midfielder Ivan Ratik admitted that Barca struggled for parts of the match.

He said that Real Madrid had a lot of potential in the first half, it was very  tough for them but then they had some opportunities. It was a game that could be decided by an odd goal, but it was not to be that  they said. “We are happy with how we played, but we lack that last touch of quality.”

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