Blisters in the cheeks and sores in the mouth are the early signs of mouth cancer.

Blisters in the cheeks and sores in the mouth are the early signs of mouth cancer.

Oral cancer patients are found most in India. The reason for this is that people consume Gutkha, Paan Spices and Surti etc. on a large scale here. But if you are understanding that only tobacco eaters get oral cancer, then you are wrong. Oral cancer can happen to anyone. This cancer usually occurs when the immune system is weakened.Let us tell you some other important things about blisters in cheeks and sores in the mouth are early signs of mouth cancer.

In the beginning of mouth cancer, very common signs are seen, such as blisters on the inside of the cheeks in the mouth, small sores in the mouth, long-term tearing of the lips and not healing the wound easily.

.What are the early symptoms of oral cancer?

  • Mouth cancer starts with a white blister or a small wound inside the mouth.
  • If white spots, wounds, blisters remain inside the mouth for a long time, then later it becomes mouth cancer.
  • Symptoms such as deodorant, change of voice, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, excessive saliva or mixed blood flow are also seen in the mouth.
  • Smoking or drug users are at higher risk of getting cancer. Mouth cancer can occur on the tongue, gums, hont anywhere within the mouth.
  • In this, symptoms like wounds, swelling, red color, bleeding, burning, numbness, pain in the mouth, etc. are seen.

Which people are more dangerous?

Mouth cancer is usually caused by weak immunity, so anyone can. In addition, not cleaning the mouth properly can also lead to mouth disease and then cancer in the long run. But still the biggest danger is to those people who eat tobacco or related things like gutkha, surti, jarda, paan, betel nut, pan masala etc.

Apart from this, consumption of beedi, cigarette, hemp, alcohol, etc. also causes mouth cancer.

What to do if you want to avoid oral cancer?

If any wound or blister is formed on the mouth, lips or tongue and is not healing soon, then the doctor should be seen immediately. If the cancer of the mouth is detected in the first phase, then its diagnosis is possible. By delaying it, its magnitude increases. Apart from this, even if there are no symptoms, still keep these things in mind.

  • Do not smoke and drink
  • Clean the teeth and mouth regularly twice.
  • If there are any changes in the teeth, gums and mouth, then check with a doctor immediately.
  • Stop eating junk food, processed food, cold drinks, canned food.
  • Must eat fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, salads. Wash them well and use them.