Can smoking affect your blood sugar level?

Can smoking affect your blood sugar level?

Diabetes management requires a healthy lifestyle as well as healthy eating habits. If you are a diabetic, then you also need some healthy changes to control your blood sugar. Diabetes patients should try to lead a healthy and active life with a fiber-rich diet, so that you can help control diabetes. In such a situation, if you have a habit of smoking, you should leave it immediately. Because smoking is dangerous for your health in various ways. Not only the lungs, it can damage other organs and many functions inside your body.

Can Smoking Affect Blood Sugar Levels?

Dr. Pramod Tripathi, Founder of Freedom for Diabetes, explains, Smoking and tobacco consumption not only increase the risk of heart disease and cancer, but also increase the risk of diabetes. Because it increases insulin resistance in the body and it also increases the body’s solubility. Which in turn increases blood sugar. Along with this, as the sugar level increases, the complications of diabetes will also increase.

Smoking also has an effect on cholesterol levels, which makes blood vessels harder and causes blood circulation to constrict. Because of which the risk of heart disease and stroke is doubled later. That is why diabetes patients should try to quit smoking to control the complications of diabetes.

Ways to control blood sugar

To control blood sugar, you need to make many changes in your diet and lifestyle. With this, you can control your blood sugar in 5 ways:

  • Make regular exercise an essential part of your day. But take care not to overdose and do it on the advice of your doctor.
  • Eat foods with fiber and low glycemic index. This will help in controlling your blood sugar level and keep diabetes under control.
  • Continually check your blood sugar level and avoid unhealthy habits.
  • Get enough sleep and live a relaxed life.
  • Drink more and more water during the day.

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