Despite good sleep morning fatigue and swelling under the eyes remains.

Despite good sleep morning fatigue and swelling under the eyes remains.

A lot of times it comes that you get a good 7–9 hours of sleep throughout the night, yet after waking up in the morning your face looks tired . You know this in the morning when people look for your sleepy eyes and swollen face or you see a mirror. Some people feel that this happens after sleeping deeply, but this is not true. Usually when your sleep is not complete, dark circles appear under your eyes and the face looks cumbersome. But if you have fatigue and swelling under the eyes remains after getting full morning sleep, then there can be 5 reasons for this.

insufficiency of water

You must have often heard that we should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water a day. But many people do not get so much time from morning till evening or do not feel so thirsty that they drink so much water. Let me tell you that the habit of drinking less water can affect your health very badly in the long run. Due to dehydration, the fluidity of your blood decreases, due to which the heart has to work harder, due to which you feel very tired. This is the reason that on the day you drink very little water, your fatigue does not disappear even after getting up and sleeping the next morning.

Eat more salt foods

The problem of mild swelling and dark circles under your eyes in the morning can also be because you ate a lot of salt things the previous day. Yes, salt acts as a water retention in your body. Apart from this, excessive intake of salt also increases the risk of high blood pressure for you. Therefore, you should always use limited salt in your diet. You should consume only 1.5 to 2.3 grams of salt in an entire day.

Due to eye strain

If you have been working or constantly looking at a computer, laptop or any other screened gadget throughout the day, then it is possible that despite feeling sleepy the next morning you will see fatigue on your face and swelling under your eyes. The reason is your eye strain. When there is too much emphasis on the eyes, just sleep is not enough for eye fatigue. To avoid this problem, you should adopt the formula of 20-20-20. This formula means that while working on screened gadgets, you have to remove your sight from the screen every 20 minutes and look for something 20 meters away from the screen. This will not prevent eye strain.

Cause of allergies

There can be many types of allergies in the body, but usually there is a special chemical release in your body, which is called histamine, if there is any kind of allergy. This type of  hormone causes swelling and itching during an allergy. Along with this, this chemical increases the blood flow in the part of your eyes, due to which, after waking up in the morning, you see swelling under your eyes and the face can also look swollen.

Habit of drinking more coffee

Many people start their morning with coffee. Many antioxidants are found in coffee, so may be better for the body. But it also contains caffeine, the amount of which is not good for your body. So if you drink more than 2-3 cups of coffee in a day, then this habit can be harmful for your body. Drinking too much coffee can also cause fatigue and swelling under the eyes all the time.

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