Do these 11 easy tasks to avoid allergies in winter

Do these 11 easy tasks to avoid allergies in winter

Who does not like winter? No sweat, no distance from any kind of food. But the biggest problem of winter is allergy. Yes, it is common for people to have allergies in winter, and most people suffer from allergies. Some people get allergic to warm clothes, some suffer the brunt of allergies due to changing seasons. Itching starts on different parts of the body due to allergies. Some people suffer from allergies due to dry skin. As the cold progresses, people start having problems like cough, cold. If you want to enjoy the winter fun freely and do not fall prey to allergies, then take a little care and do these 11 things to avoid allergies in winter. If you do these 11 things this winter, then you can easily stay away from allergies.

11 things that will keep you away from allergies in winter

Dry in the sun

Bed clothes contain the most allergens. Wash clothes regularly in hot water and dry them in the sun.

Distance animals with fur

Many people may also be allergic to fur pets. In such a situation, it is important to keep distance from them.

Clean the house

Clean the house regularly. It is better to use vacuum cleaner in this work. A vacuum cleaner can also clean up areas where your hands or other conventional cleaning equipment usually cannot reach.

Prevent outside dust and mud from entering the house

If the house is near the road, the doors and windows should be kept closed as far as possible to prevent the dust from coming out. Finely mesh the windows with mirrors.

Flower may also cause allergy

Many people are also allergic to the fragrance of flowers, such people should not plant the plants on which the flowers bloom.

Wear a mask while driving

While wearing a two-wheeler, wear a face mask. This will not only keep you from dust and dirt, as well as your face will also be clean.

Do not smoke

Smoking reduces your immunity. So it is better to stay away from smoking.

Avoid second hand smoke

If someone around you is allergic to cigarette smoke, do not smoke in front of it.

Clean the walls of the house

If there is fungus on the wall of your house then clean it with bleach.

Keep the body clean

Pay full attention to the cleanliness of the body as well. Change the undergarment morning and evening when the skin is more sensitive, change the shirtpaint daily.

Take care of your skin

Many people have very sensitive skin. They become allergic when exposed to a particular item. Many people get allergic by using other things. Such as bedding, towels, clothes worn by others, etc. So they should take special care of this matter.