Do yoga to quit smoking

Do yoga to quit smoking

There is no doubt that smoking is fatal to your health. Many times it happens that people are not able to quit smoking despite knowing that they are already in it. Do yoga to quit smoking,

Yoga is very effective for quitting smoking. Yoga increases self-confidence in you and helps you to control your mind and body. Let us know what are the yogas that help in quitting smoking-


This is the easiest method of yoga, hence it is known as Sukhaasana. We also use this method in meditation. It should have your head, neck in a straight line. Sit the spine straight with no elasticity. Sit both your legs diagonally and keep both hands on your feet. With this, your metabolic activity is right.


This method helps your brain to work which is quite good. Also, it keeps your mind calm and the Navar system is fine.


In this method, you have to lie down straight, leaving your hands and feet loose. Remember, you need concentration in this posture. In the beginning it is not easy for you so this posture requires practice. If you do this asana in the right way, your stress and fatigue are relieved.

Ardhya Matsyendra Asan

People usually bend their spine back and forth, but have trouble turning the body. This asana helps you bend the spinal nerves. It also improves your digestive power.

Benefit from yoga

Yoga increases your determination and will power, which is very important to quit smoking.

Many people start smoking under stress due to their personal problems. In such a situation, yoga is the only technique that will allow you to keep your restraint and fight these problems.

Yoga increases awareness of healthy life in you and you understand your body correctly.

With yoga, you automatically know that your body does not need such dangerous things.

By doing yoga, you will also see changes in your lifestyle and food which will improve your health.

 Yoga is a method of quitting smoking which has no side effects.

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