Early signs of ‘bone cancer’ are very common, be careful if you got pain.

Early signs of ‘bone cancer’ are very common, be careful if you got pain.

There can be several reasons for joint pain, limb swelling and osteoporosis. In most people, the cause is Arthritis. But at times, these symptoms can also be early signs of bone cancer. Bone cancer is a dangerous disease, but its symptoms are so common that people do not notice it in the beginning. Many times doctors also consider bone cancer as Arthritis, Arthritis or Osteoporosis. Let us tell you the important things related to bone cancer, so that by identifying the symptoms properly, you can start treatment at the right time.

Severe pain in bones

The earliest sign of bone cancer is acute pain in bones and joints. Bone cancer occurs mostly in the long bones of the body (in the arms and legs), so there is a greater possibility of pain in these parts of the body. Therefore, if you have severe pain in your bones, do not ignore it and see and consult a good doctor. This pain makes the patient awake at night. This pain is aggravated even when you are doing some work. In the initial stage, this pain occurs occasionally but as the cancer cells increase, the pain also increases.

Swelling of joints

Swelling in the limbs can also be an early symptom of bone cancer. Usually, the swollen part of the bones feels soft to the touch, so you can ignore it as a normal swelling. The skin is red in the upper part of the place of cancer, that part is warmer than the other part of the body, there is little numbness and swelling in that part. If you have any such complaint with pain, contact the doctor immediately.

Fever without cause

If the patient is complaining of fever without reason, it should be taken cautiously. Sometimes, a tumor in the shoulder can cause fever and the patient’s body fights an infection through fever. Therefore, if you have fever without reason, contact the doctor immediately.

You lose weight fast

Due to cancer, bones start to weaken rapidly, so your weight also reduces rapidly. If within a month your weight reduces by 2 to 5 kg and you have joint pain problem, then contact the doctor immediately. It is not common to suddenly lose weight without any effort, it should be taken seriously. As bone cancer grows, these problems increase.

If repeated bones fracture (rupture)

Bone cancer is also detected when the patient suffers from repeated bone fractures. Weakness of bones can be a symptom of bone cancer. But if your bones are weak then there is no need to panic as it can also be a sign of calcium deficiency. Therefore, consider the signs of cancer only when other symptoms of bone cancer appear.

How is bone cancer tested?

Doctors examine the patient to identify whether the tumor or cyst has cancer cells. First, the doctor asks the patient about the size of the tumor and the pain it causes. Apart from this, many times doctors check the fluid filled inside the cyst to find out what kind of cyst it is. In this, the doctor removes the fluid by inserting a syringe inside the cyst and examines it. To check how fast the cyst is growing, the doctor may recommend an MRI several times. It is also possible to detect whether or not there are cancer cells in any tumor through X-rays.

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