Eyesight will returned by taking these 5 things daily, glasses will also come down, 

Eyesight will returned by taking these 5 things daily, glasses will also come down,

Nowadays, after sitting for hours at a computer in offices, it often has a direct effect on the eyes. Many people resort to spectacles to protect their eyes. But there are some people who are trying to run away from glasses. Glasses sometimes spoil personality. It is not necessary that people working on computers only have glasses on their eyes, sometimes people have to wear glasses due to their own mistakes. Let us tell you that eyesight will returned by taking these 5 things daily, glasses will also come down,

In addition, there may be several reasons for reduced eyesight. Lack of nutrients in food is also causing eye disease. Apart from this, lack of complete sleep, stress, rushing and headaches can also be the cause of eye disease. When the person is under stress, the muscles of the eyes do not relax. Due to which the eyes slowly start deteriorating. Let us tell you that with the help of which diet you can maintain your eyesight and keep your distance with glasses.

These are important diet for eyes :


Amla is a great option for eyes that helps you to brighten your eyesight. The ingredients present in amla retain the eyesight for years. You can include raw gooseberry in your diet. Apart from this, drinking Amla juice on empty stomach in the morning or eating gooseberry jam is beneficial for eyesight.

Green vegetables

Green vegetable is very good for our health as well as our eyes. Iron is found in green leafy vegetables, which is beneficial for our health as well as our eyes. If you want to brighten your eyesight and keep distance from glasses, then you should consume green leafy vegetables daily.

Carrot juice

Drinking carrot juice is not only good for our health, but is also very beneficial for the eyes. You should drink a glass of carrot juice daily to intensify the eyes. This makes your eyesight sharp.


Cardamom works to balance the body temperature. Regular consumption of cardamom provides coolness to the eyes and increases eyesight. You can grind cardamom and fennel to prepare powder and mix it in cold milk and drink it. This will help in increasing your eyesight.


Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E present in walnuts are very beneficial for the health of the eyes. Include walnuts in the diet to keep your eyes healthy for a long time.

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