Garlic health benefits and disadvantages

Garlic health benefits and disadvantages

Garlic is an important homemade medicine. Therefore, it has also been used at home. Garlic has been used as a spice in various foods and vegetables since ancient times. Garlic destroys many of the diseases that arise in the body. There are a lot of Garlic health benefits and disadvantages.

Garlic boosts digestive power. Garlic also helps to stimulate the menstrual period and stimulate the sperm of men to stimulate the heart and liver. Garlic is also beneficial in urination problems, blood clots, hearing problems etc. It is not good to use it during pregnancy. Garlic leaves, lumps and roots can all be used. Regularly eating various parts of garlic, either glass or cooked, reduces the risk of various diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Medical research has confirmed that garlic has been found beneficial in cancer problems. Garlic health benefits and disadvantages are described below.

Benefits of Garlic:


1. Gastric

As you get up in the morning, eating one clove of garlic regular with boiling water will reduce the problem of gastric. Likewise, it stimulates consumption and improves the digestive system. If you have stomach upset and paining, get up in the morning, drink 2 glass of water and then eat 2-3 cloves of garlic with milk.

2. High blood pressure

Garlic ingredients help maintain high blood pressure and prevent heart problems. For hypertension, it is beneficial to use 5 to 10 caramelized garlic daily. In this way, it is better to eat garlic time to time rather than all at once.

3. Cholesterol

Consuming garlic daily reduces blood cholesterol by 12 percent. Garlic is also very beneficial for those suffering from the problem of blood clotting and heavy blood intake. Garlic helps blood thinning and blood flow.

4. Common cold

Sprinkle garlic in oil and fry the fenugreek seeds as well. After heating the oil, it cab be used to rub out the nasal cavity of the infected baby, chest, neck, and back. Small infants and babies get cured by applying oil around the forehead and nose. This experiment also benefits the older person.

5. Digestion

Garlic helps keep the intestines clean. It stimulates the digestive process. Thereby increasing appetite. In addition to eating 3-4 garlic cloves in the evening, the problem of indigestion is gone. Doing so strengthens the digestive process and eliminates anorexia. Garlic also closes the acid production in the stomach. Garlic will also reduce your stress. When you are afraid, acid builds up in the stomach. Garlic prevents this type of acid from forming.

6. Respiratory system

Garlic is considered very beneficial for the respiratory system. It is also very effective in the prevention and treatment of asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, frozen cough etc.

7. Joints paining

Mix one-fourth of oil by pressing 200 gm garlic and four-quarters of water in a single bowl. Cook the solution in a slow fire. After the water has dried, oil and the garlic leaves are left, then refine the oil and place it in the vial. This oil can be used to relieved by rubbing and rubbing it on the joints aching and swelling 3-4 times a day.

8. Heart attack

Garlic foods relieve the symptoms of hypertension. Many people believe. Garlic not only regulates human blood circulation, it also avoids cardiovascular problems. It also benefits the lungs.

9. Hair loss

Grinding garlic on both sides of the hair follicles eliminates the problem of hair loss.

10. Alternative treatments

Garlic is a powerful ingredient. The element found in it protects the body from parasites and insects. Garlic is also helpful in the prevention of various diseases like diabetes, depression and some types of cancer. If you cannot consume raw garlic, you can eat it by burning or roasting it.

Although garlic has many benefits, it can cause allergies to some. Pay attention. If you have allergies, do not eat raw garlic. Some people also experience skin problems, fever, and headache. If you see any symptoms, stop consuming garlic.


Disadvantages of Garlic:

Garlic is very beneficial. The use of garlic benefits many but is especially harmful to a particular illness.

1. A person with liver problems

Because of antibacterial and antiviral foods that kill bacteria, people believe that eating garlic cures hepatitis. Hepatitis disease affects a person’s liver. But it is not advisable to eat garlic for the treatment of hepatitis virus. Because the use of garlic has a direct effect on the stomach and intestines. Which reduces the amount of gastric acid in our intestines. This causes negative effects on our digestive tract as well as symptoms such as vomiting, nausea. Therefore, those with hepatitis should not use garlic.

2. The person undergoing surgery

Patients who are going to have any type of surgery should stop eating garlic up to 2 weeks in advance. Because of the use of garlic, blood can become infected after surgery and the wound can become inflamed quickly.

3. A person having diarrhea

If a person with diarrhea uses garlic, its taste will negatively affect the intestines. Because of this, there will be wound in the intestine. In such cases, symptoms of severe abdominal pain, bleeding stool, nausea and vomiting are observed. Therefore, do not use garlic if you have diarrhea.

4. A person with an eye disease

Eye patients should not use garlic. Garlic especially have bad affect to the person who has an eye disease. It may even draw blood from the eyes. Eye patients used garlic show symptoms such as cloudiness, eye pain, headaches, memory loss.

5. A person with low blood pressure

The use of garlic helps in the production of chemicals such as nitric oxide and hydrogen sulphide in the body. These chemicals provide relief to the arteries of the heart. Garlic is beneficial for those with high blood pressure but garlic is also dangerous for those with low blood pressure.