Get attractive and slim-trim body with these 4 easy 15 minute workouts

Get attractive and slim-trim body with these 4 easy 15 minute workouts

Many people want to get a toned body but many people feel that for this they will have to work hard. Because of this thinking, they do not even try to get a toned body. While this work is not so difficult. If you want to tone your whole body, then you can do this by doing just 15 minutes of workouts a day. Get attractive and slim-trim body with these 4 easy 15 minute workouts as explained below.

15 minute workout

What people do not do to get a good body. Strict dieting, gym exercise, running and jogging, weight loss management, etc. But all these things take time. Due to lack of time, many times people are unable to make efforts for good body. So in this article, we are telling you some easy exercises to do body tone that you can do in 15 minutes. By doing these easy exercises regularly you can get an attractive body. Let us know which four exercises you can do in 15 minutes to tone your body.

Split squat

Stand up straight. Keep the left foot approximately a foot ahead of your right foot on its straight line. Now bend your knee and bring your body down. Remember that the knee of the right leg should not stand on the ground. Stop for a while and get into the initial state. Wrap 5 and then change sides.

Incline Pushup

Open your hands more than your shoulders, hinge them on the bench or ladder and get into the position of pushups. Move your body down until your chest surface touches. Go down and stay for a while and then bring yourself back to the starting position. Repeat this as much as possible.

Lat pull-down

Sit down at the lat pull down station. Hold the bar in such a way that the width of your hands is more than the shoulders. Without moving your torso, pull the bar towards the chest. Draw elbows towards the ground. Breathe in while pulling down and exhale as you go up. It should take two seconds to come down and three seconds to go up. You will be able to feel pressure on your muscles. Wrap five of it.

Triceps dip

Focus on your triceps to tone your hands and chest. To do this, put both hands on the back side of the body and sit on the edge of the chair keeping the feet a short distance in front of the chair. Rotate the chair by keeping the legs straight so that you can control the body with your arms and slowly bend the elbow to a 90 degree angle with a three to four counted elbow.

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