Get rid of stomach pain by adopting these home remedies.

Get rid of stomach pain by adopting these home remedies.

Abdominal pain is quite common, due to which many people are also very upset. Many people face problems such as constipation and acidity with stomach ache due to wrong eating habits. You must have often seen many people that they resort to various medicines and home remedies to get rid of this problem. But sometimes such measures do not prove to be helpful. Get rid of stomach pain by adopting these home remedies as described below.

It is important for a good life that we can enjoy our life by keeping ourselves fit. Stomach ache is a problem that anyone can get upset. Although there can be many reasons for stomach pain, but usually people are due to constipation and acidity. We tell you in this article how you can get rid of stomach ache problem.

Asafetida decoction

If you do not want to take medicines in stomach pain, you can use asafetida to relieve your stomach pain. Asafoetida decoction is helpful to remove all problems in the stomach. Asafoetida decoction is beneficial for all people. Drinking this decoction gives you instant relief from gas and stomach pain. For this you will need parsley, asafoetida, black salt, liquorice and dry ginger.


Consuming garlic is very good for our stomach. Garlic helps us to overcome our stomach problems. You consume two to three buds of garlic on an empty stomach every morning, this will give you relief from stomach problems. Let us tell you that garlic has anti-biotic properties which works to keep the gut healthy.

Clove is beneficial for the stomach

Clove works to improve our digestive system along with relieving pain in our stomach. Cloves have anti-microbial properties which are very good for our health. In addition, the intake of cloves eliminates stomach infection and strengthens digestion.

Peppermint and lemon

Mint and lemon juice give relief from stomach ache quite quickly. Now mix half a teaspoon of ginger juice and a little black salt in the juice of mint and lemon and consume it. You can consume it 3 times a day.

Home made powder

Make stomach pain relieving powder at home. For this, take equal quantity of roasted cumin, black pepper, dry ginger, garlic, coriander, asafoetida and dry mint leaves and make fine powder. Add a little black salt with it. This will help relieve your stomach pain and gas as soon as possible.


Pomegranate can prove beneficial for you in stomach pain. Remove pomegranate seeds. Add salt and pepper powder in small amounts and consume it about twice a day.

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