Get work permit in Poland

Get work permit in Poland

A work permit is a official document that allows a foreigner to work legally in Poland.A work permit is needed both for taking up employment on the base of an civil law contracts  and  employment contracts.The permit is having legal efficacy for the period for which it was issued. The term of validity of the permit is showed on the document.

Who needs a work permit in Poland?

Poland is part of the European Union so citizens of EEA countries (EU + Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland) can work in Poland without any special permits . You don’t need to apply for a work permit If you are a citizen of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia or Ukraine if you are planning to work in Poland for no longer than 6 months per year.Finally, you will need to apply for a residence permit and work permit if you are a citizen of any other country to work legally in Poland.To work in Poland in most cases work permit is needed.Especially, work permit is needed when the alien perfomes work in the Republic of Poland.

A work permit is not needed in the following cases :

1.You already have a document allowing you to work legally in Poland like when you have a permit to settle in Poland, you hold a permit for a long-term resident of the European Communities ,you are the spouse or a former spouse of a Polish citizen, provided that they have a residence permit for Polish territory and you have a valid Polish Card.

2.When you are student in Poland. When you engaged in cultural or educational exchange programs, humanitarian aid programs or developmental or summer work programs for students approved by the government

3.Other cases like When you have a refugee status granted in Poland, when you have been granted residence permit for humanitarian reasons, when you have been granted subsidiary protection in Poland, when you are holding a permit for a tolerated stay in Poland and when you are benefiting from temporary protection in Poland.


Work permit is issued by the Voivode for the place of residence of the employer.The employer put in an application for a work permit for a foreigner.Documents submitted in the application should be in the original and if document is in foreign language then it should be translated into Polish by a sworn translator.
If you have found an employer who is going to hire you and your stay is legalised then in order to get permit that employer need to fill out the application which includes the name of the company that is hiring you. That work permit is only valid for the given company and position. The given permit will be loosen if you left the job and you have to find new employer for to get new job and apply the process for new permit.

Types of work permit

There are five types of work permit as described below;

* Type A: When a foreigner has a contract with an employer whose registered business is located in Poland.
* Type B: When the foreigner stays in Poland for a total period exceeding 6 months within a period of 12 consecutive months to perform a function on a management board.
* Type C: When a foreigner is employed by a foreign employer for a period that exceeds 30 days to work for the foreign employer’s branch in Poland .
* Type D: When a foreigner is employed by a foreign employer that does not have a branch in Poland but the employee has been assigned to perform a export services.
* Type E: When a foreigner is employed by a foreign employer and has been assigned to Poland for more than 3 months in the next 6 months for a purpose other than those previously stated to carry out other tasks .

Process to apply for a work permit in Poland

The employer who wants to hire a foreign employee requires to submit the application for a work permit along with the following documents:
– The employer should submit copies of the passport or ID card of the employee;
– The employer should submit documents that are provided from the National Court Register if the employee is a legal person;
– The employer should submit document that are showing the economic activity of the employer;
– The employer should submit a company activity, if the employer is a limited liability company;
– The employer should submit documents that prove that the employee meets the requirements for working in a specific position;
– The employer should submit copy of the employment contract that describes the responsibilities of the two parties.

According to the type of work permit certain fees are required to apply for a work permit application in Poland.