Heart attack comes due to cold blood in the veins.

Heart attack comes due to cold blood in the veins.

You must have often heard or seen that during the winter season hospitals are full of heart attack patients. Actually, the risk of heart attack is highest in the cold season because in cold weather the blood accumulates in the veins of our body and the blood flow is obstructed. Heartbeat stops due to obstruction of blood flow and any person can become a victim of heart attack. The risk of heart attack increases not only in cold climates but also in those who are patients of diabetes and blood pressure, even if the hot temperature changes to cold temperature.

You must have noticed that due to change in temperature, your body becomes vulnerable to some disease, even if they are feverish. Actually, the change in weather causes thermal stress for the body. You need to pay attention to the fact that the body has to work hard to maintain its temperature. Viscosity of your blood is directly affected when going from hot to cold temperature. Due to this your blood also becomes more thick, sticky and more likely to freeze. Apart from this, there is also a possibility of increasing the level of some proteins in the body due to cold. This is the reason blood clots often form in the winter season, which prevent the flow of blood into the heart tubes and cause heart diseases.

There is a risk of cold agglutinin disease (CAD) from cold and freezing of blood in cold weather. In this case your immune system is motivated to attack red blood cells. In this situation, you may suffer from vertigo to heart failure. Therefore, it is very important to keep blood warm in cold weather. In this article we are going to tell you how to keep the blood warm during the winter season so that you can avoid a serious condition like heart attack.

Heart attack comes due to cold blood in the veins. Learn 5 tips to make blood warm as below:

Must wear inner during winter season

The biggest challenge in winter is to keep yourself warm. What do we not do for this? Whether it is to light a fire or eat hot things. To keep the body warm, first of all you need to wear a thin woolen inner inside thick clothing. By doing this, not only will you be able to avoid the cold, but your body will also remain warm. If the body is hot, your blood will not accumulate and the blood flow will go on smoothly.


The best way to keep the body warm is to keep doing activities. For this, you can resort to exercise. If you do not like to exercise then you can also go for a walk. By walking only fifteen minutes a day, you can stay away from serious diseases. Actually, walking keeps your body healthy and digestive process is also good. Actually, there is a lot of pressure on our heart in cold, if you include the habit of walking in your daily routine, then you will be able to keep your heart healthy.

Drink enough water

Many people end up drinking water in winter or drinking small amounts of water when they should not. By drinking sufficient amount of water, the amount of oxygen in your body remains. People like to drink tea and coffee during the winter season which can harm your body if consumed in excess. When the body temperature deteriorates, then the chances of a heart attack are high, so to maintain the body temperature, sufficient amount of water should be drunk.

Eat dry fruits

Who does not like to eat hot things in winter season but it is very important to know which things are beneficial for health. You can keep yourself healthy and away from diseases by consuming dates, dry grapes and other dry fruits in the winter. Dry fruits not only help in keeping your body warm but also help in fulfilling the essential nutrients in your body.

Drink ginger, cardamom, cinnamon tea

The easiest way to keep yourself warm during the winter season is to drink tea. Drinking tea not only brings warmth in the body, but also keeps your blood flow correct, but high amounts of tea can make you sick. You must drink ginger, cardamom and cinnamon tea instead of mango tea. They maintain body temperature and blood flow is also fast.

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