How to know if you have ‘lung cancer’.

How to know if you have ‘lung cancer’.

Lung cancer is a cancer that starts in the lungs, which can spread slowly to other parts of the body. The lungs are two spongy organs in the human body (chest) that carry oxygen when they breathe and release carbon dioxide when they exhale. How to know if you have ‘lung cancer’.

People who smoke are at the greatest risk of lung cancer, although lung cancer can also occur in people who have never smoked. The number of cigarettes you smoke and the risk of lung cancer increases over time. If you quit smoking even after smoking for many years, you can significantly reduce the chance of developing lung cancer.

Early signs of lung cancer- Early Sign Of Lung Cancer

According to research, Pulmonology, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine – Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, “75 percent of lung cancer cases are reported in advance stage. Initially there are no symptoms. . They come into play only after increasing significantly. To be aware to catch lung cancer, one must undergo periodic checks. “

Some common symptoms of lung cancer- Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Excessive cough

Sudden weight loss

Oral bleeding



Pain in chest

Breathing problem

Pain in bones, etc.

What causes lung cancer- Causes of Lung Cancer

According to research, smoking is the biggest cause of lung cancer. But many times it can also happen to people who do not smoke. There are also other causes of lung cancer such as indoor and outdoor pollution, passive smoking, coalmines and factories that work in the midst of pollution. Apart from this, there are many cases of genetic factors, who have ever had such problems in their family, they are also more likely to get lung cancer.

According to research, lung cancer can also occur in people who have chronic lung disease such as asthma, respiratory tract shrinkage etc. People who are 60 years old and have been smoking for a long time can also get lung cancer.

How to diagnose lung cancer – How to Diagnose Lung Cancer

Researcher says that “As mentioned earlier, lung cancer can be detected in advance stage. There are some early signs that it can go to the doctor when it meets the body. In such a situation, the doctor It can be detected by CT scan, low-dose CT scan, chest X-ray and binocular methods.

Prevention of lung cancer – Prevention of Lung Cancer

To prevent lung cancer, it is important that you take a healthy diet, stay away from smoking. Also, if you live in a polluted place, change your location.