Information about Corona Virus, some question and answers about it.

Information about Corona Virus, some question and answers about it.

It becomes imperative for all of us to know what is coronavirus, what are its symptoms, is there a connection between coronavirus and has the treatment of coronavirus been found yet? Amidst growing fear of coronavirus among the people, big doctors of the country are covering the misinformation spread about the coronavirus.Let us know some information about Corona virus.

Information about coronavirus and how the common flu is different from COVID-19 are explained below. Coronavirus is a type of lung disease and not a closed nose problem. 90 percent people have fever, 80 percent have dry cough and about 30 percent have trouble breathing, due to which the person feels tired. Only 4 per cent have a runny nose problem and some people get both cold and flu. Fever, difficulty in breathing and possibly pneumonia can be common and in this case you are not admitted to accident. But if it comes to taking oxygen, then you can be in a serious situation.

People have many questions about coronavirus, such as what is coronavirus, what are its symptoms, how it spreads, how dangerous it is, etc. People go to Google to find their answers and information about Corona virus., but WHO has also said that you should not google for information related to Corona, but read the necessary information on the organization’s site. In this article, we are giving you answers to 6 such common questions, which come to your mind.

Question-1: What is coronavirus and what are its symptoms?

Coronaviruses (COVD-19) are part of a large family of viruses that can cause everything from the common cold to serious illnesses such as sever acute respiratory distress syndrome. Whenever you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, go to the doctor immediately as these can be caused by a bacterial and viral infection, an allergy or a type of serious respiratory infection. Common symptoms of coronavirus infection:

Respiratory symptoms
Shortness of breath.
In more severe cases, infection can lead to pneumonia, sever acute respiratory distress syndrome, kidney failure and even more death.

Question-2: Where did coronavirus come from?

Coronavirus is a new trend that has never been seen in humans before. But on 31 December, it was identified in a person in Wuhan city of China and today it has spread very fast around the world.

Question-3: How does coronavirus spread?

Coronavirus is a zoonotic virus, which means that it spreads from animals to humans.  Therefore keeping the hands clean is the most important component to avoid infection. With this, you keep a distance of about 1 meter ie three feet from other people. Especially from people who are coughing, sneezing or have fever.

Question-4: What is the best way to protect from coronavirus?

Wash your hands with an antiseptic hand wash and if you have water on your hands, the coronovirus will be gone. The hands come in contact with many types of surface and if we touch the hand on the face or bring it close to the nose we can become infected with the virus. You can use antiseptic handwash. Avoid close contact with anyone showing signs of respiratory disease like cough and sneezing. When someone coughs or sneezes they release small droplets containing the virus.

If you are very close to that person, you can take the virus with your breath. So keep distance from people in public places. Hands touch many surfaces that are contains viruses. And if you touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your infected hands. Then there is chance of getting virus on you increases. Regular hand washing to prevent infection involves covering the mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing, cooking meat and eggs well.

Question-5: How dangerous is coronavirus?

Common symptoms of coronovirus along with other respiratory diseases include runny nose, sore throat, cough and fever. Symptoms of coronavirus may be more severe for some individuals and may cause pneumonia or difficulty breathing. In some cases this disease can also be fatal. Aged people and people suffering from diabetes and heart disease can become seriously ill due to this virus.

Question-6: Is coronavirus spread from person to person?

Yes, COVID-19 causes respiratory disease and spreads from person to person. If you go close to an infected person then you can become a victim of it.

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