‘Kabasura Kudineer’ Immunity Booster made from 15 herbs.

‘Kabasura Kudineer’ Immunity Booster made from 15 herbs.

With the Corona epidemic growing, the situation is getting uncontrollable. Given this situation, everyone is trying to protect themselves from this disease. People are also taking help of medicines, home remedies along with dieting and trying to boost their immunity and keep the body healthy. When it comes to most home remedies, they include herbs. One such thing is Kabasura Kudineer. It is made up of 15 herbs and is considered to be very good for the lungs. People are using it as a powder, which is very beneficial in boosting the body’s immunity. You can also make it at home, so let us know how to make this powder and its benefits (Kabasura Kudineer benefits). Let us tell you about ‘Kabasura Kudineer’ Immunity Booster made from 15 herbs.

What is Kabasura Kudineer?

Kabasura Kudineer is a traditional powder, used in Ayurveda for effective management of common respiratory diseases like flu and cold. Mostly it has been used by proven physicians. It has long been consider effective in relieving respiratory symptoms. Consumption of this herb cures severe phlegm, dry and wet cough and fever etc. ‘Kabasura Kudineer’ Immunity Booster is also helping people to avoid the symptoms of corona. But do you know what is in this powder?

Kabasura Kudineer Recipe

Kabsur Kudinir is a well-known proven medicine containing 15 herbal ingredients, each with its own specific characteristics. People are also taking it in the form of powder, decoction and tablets. But most people are consuming it as a powder, usually by making a decoction by dissolving it in water. Some materials are needed to make it, e.g.

  • -Ginger
  • – Pippali
  • -Cloves
  • -Dusparsha
  • -Akarkara
  • -Kokilaksha
  • -Harad
  • – Malabar nut
  • – Celery
  • -Custa (Costam)
  • – Giloy
  • -Bharangi
  • -Kalamegh
  • -King leaves
  • -Musta
  • -Water

How to make:

  • -Dry the herbs first.
  • -Then grind it into a thick coarse powder.
  • -Dry them directly under the sun to remove the presence of any moisture particles.
  • -Pour water in the dry powder and heat it till the initial amount of water is reduce by 1 third.
  • -Sift the decoction using a muslin cloth to remove the residue.
  • -Then drink it.
  • -You can store it for 3 hours and use it.

Benefits of Kabasura Kudineer

Kabsur Kudinir has many benefits. First of all,its ginger is beneficial in treating asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases. Secondly, it has been use to treat indigestion, asthma and cough. Clove is consider an antibiotic and has the power to kill bacteria and promote liver health. Dusparsha is use to treat hemorrhoids and akarkara is given to cure diseases caused by mouth ulcers, sore throat, cough and flatulence. Used as an ayurvedic remedy for the treatment of nightshade, jaundice, stomach upset and urinary tract infections.

Is an immunity booster

Similarly, if we talk about Harad, then it is rich in strong antioxidant and antibiotic properties. It helps in treating sore throat and allergies. Apart from this, Harad is also very beneficial in boosting immunity. So, speaking of Malabar nuts, it is use to treat upper respiratory infections and asthma. In this way, all its herbs are very helpful in boosting immunity.

Relieves cold and cough

Kabasur Kudinieer helps in relieving cold and cough. Many of its herbs are a popular herb use in the treatment of respiratory diseases. At the same time, its gilloy-like elements have antipyretic and immunomodulatory effects. A strong herb is widely use to treat allergic rhinitis, asthma and other inflammatory conditions.

This way you can make a decoction of Kabsur Kudinir or take its powder with hot water to avoid corona epidemic. It will also help protect you from flu and infections. If you can’t make it on the go, you can buy it from outside.

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