Learn 3 big benefits of Cardamom and 3 ways to use it to cure problems.

 Learn 3 big benefits of Cardamom and 3 ways to use it to cure problems.

After Diwali, air pollution has increased in many states of India. In a way, due to increasing pollution, people are having lung problems, while the outbreak of Corona virus is not taking its name. Most people are having trouble breathing, cough, cold, phlegm and chest congestion due to this pollution. In such a situation, one way to avoid this type of seasonal infection is to include some things in our food, which will reduce this phlegm and congestion. Large cardamom is a panacea remedy in these situations. While it can reduce phlegm, it can cleanse the lungs and improve its process. Here, you can learn 3 big benefits of Cardamom and 3 ways to use it to cure problems.

Benefits of Black Cardamom

1. Preventing seasonal infections

Large cardamom has anti inflammatory, antioxidant and anti microbial properties. All three can protect you from any seasonal infection. Also these properties can help to maintain the health of the respiratory system jointly.

2. In trouble of cough and congestion

According to Ayurveda, large cardamom has many such properties, which are useful to cure cough and cold. It helps remove excess mucus from the respiratory tract and relieves congestion. Consumption of a large cardamom with mustard oil can reduce the symptoms of cough and cold.

3. beneficial for heart health

Large cardamom also has a good amount of minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, which is also beneficial for your heart health. It can also help control your blood pressure, which is beneficial for both your physical and mental health.

How to use large cardamom?

1. Large cardamom tea

Large cardamom tea is very beneficial in the changing season. Drinking it daily can melt your phlegm and decrease congestion. To make big cardamom tea, put 2 big cardamoms in the tea water. Then mixed cinnamon and chaiapatti in it. Now boil it all. Sieve and then serve with honey.

2. Steam large cardamom

Large cardamom steam can reduce your chest tightness. For this, add basil, mint and big cardamom to the water and boil it. Now add a little pipmint oil to it and then steam this water. When the water starts to cool, reheat it and steam it again. Its heat will relax you.

3. Large cardamom and honey intake

You can get rid of congestion by mixing large cardamom powder with honey. Actually, using honey in dry cough is an effective way to suppress cough and relieve sore throat. Studies have found that honey gives more benefits than cough medicines. For this, heat large cardamom lightly and then make powder by mixing it and mix it in honey. Now consume it every night before bed. This will reduce your dry cough.

In this way large cardamom is beneficial for the body in every sense. While it cures colds, it also keeps metabolism correct. At the same time, it accelerates the chemical processes of the body, which work to convert food into energy.