Learn the Prana yoga and benefits of doing Prana Mudra.

 Learn the Prana yoga and benefits of doing Prana Mudra.

The aim of which is to make more and more people aware and make yoga an important part of their daily routine. Yoga is very important for your health, your diseases are cut by practicing yoga and it is helpful in keeping you fit. If there is disappointment in your life, you feel stressed, then you include your pran yoga, believe that regular pran yoga or pranayam regularly will help you overcome these problems. Simply put, pran yoga or pranayama is the basic mantra of happy living. Learn the Prana yoga and benefits of doing Prana Mudra.

What is prana yoga?

The practice of Pran Yoga is called Pranayama. Pranayama Prana means life and dimension. Prana gives strength and strength to the body, Pranayam means to increase the distance in breath or two breaths, by controlling the movement of breath and breath is called the process of stopping and removing. As the name itself appears, life. Pran Yoga ie Pranayam is helpful in speeding up the root chakra. It is considered to be the best in increasing the power of life. Age can be increased through this. Pran Yoga not only protects your life and health, but it is helpful in strengthening all the senses and senses that occur inside the body.

The basic mantra of happiness and tension-free Pran Yoga

By regular practice of Pran Yoga or Pranayama, one feels happiness, peace and joy and is happy. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for the development of your intelligence. This accelerates the root cycle. Due to which both fire and vibration start happening in the body and the body starts getting energy. With regular practice of Pran Yoga, the body can be kept away from many diseases.

Method of doing prana yoga

First of all, you place a mat in the ground, and for this you sit in Sukhasana or Vajrasana. Keep in mind that you do not do this exercise by standing, it is done by sitting.

Now, without straining your body, take long breaths through your nose and then exhale long breath. Maintain a slight pressure while breathing and exhaling. Try to take every breath comfortably.

With each breath you chant the Aum in your mind or outside. It will provide spiritual peace and physical benefits.If you have a high blood pressure, then you can start the practice slowly if you control the blood pressure.

Benefits of prana yoga or pranayama

It is better to do pranayama for all stomach problems like constipation, and acidity.

It is helpful in diabetes, cholesterol and eyesight.

Pran yoga or pranayama is also helpful in pain during menstruation in women with skin and hair.

It keeps your mind calm and stress-free, which makes your mind happy, positive thoughts come and concentration of mind increases.