Learn the tips of use coconut oil from toothpaste to after shave lotion.

Learn the tips of use coconut oil from toothpaste to after shave lotion.

Coconut oil is used for many purposes in Indian homes. This oil is used in every other work here. Mostly, people use it with cooking and hair care, and some also use it to enhance the beauty of the skin. But, there are also many interesting uses and purposes of oil for which very few of us will be aware. Our grandmother used to make toothpaste by our grandmothers, sometimes she used it as a scrub to clean the body. Today we will talk in detail on these tips and learn how you can use coconut oil as many home remedies.

As aftershave lotion

Do you know that coconut oil can be used as an aftershave lotion? Some women may use this lotion to moisturize the skin and for minor injuries. At the same time, women use it even after shaving their legs and hands. Similarly, after shaving and shaving their beard, men can apply it on their face. If you suddenly realize that there is no aftershave lotion at home, don’t worry. Simply rub a little coconut oil on your face to leave the skin feeling smooth and shiny. Then leave it for some time and wash the mouth.

To make toothpaste

The oil can be used to make healthy, natural and homemade toothpastes. You can mix oil with baking soda and a little peppermint oil to make the perfect toothpaste at home. This will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Whenever the paste runs out and does not happen at your home, do not worry, use coconut oil like this.

On pet toes or injury

Given that coconut oil is a good moisturizer, you can use it to treat your pet’s paws, on peeling, or on its scars. Its anti-inflammatory properties help it heal easily. Just massage with oil on the affected area on daily basis.

To avoid bedbugs in wooden furniture

If you are troubled by bedbugs in your old wooden furniture, you can do this by mixing neem leaves in coconut oil on the surface and using a clean cotton cloth, gently wipe it. Your wooden furniture will be bedbug free in no time.

As a treatment for mosquito bites in the rain

The oil has natural healing properties. For example, you can use it to treat minor bug bites or mosquito bites. Simply apply oil to the skin to reduce itching and redness. Do this every time you will feel that itching and burning will reduce.

Boils as a home remedy

During the rainy days, people simply get boils. In this case, you can use turmeric mixed with coconut oil to cure these boils. Apply this pimple to places where you will find that the boils pimples will reduce in a few days.

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