Learn what is blood cancer and what are its early symptoms.

Learn what is blood cancer and what are its early symptoms.

Cancer is a dangerous disease. There are some cancers that invade a person’s blood cells. This type of cancer is more dangerous because blood flows throughout our body. Blood cancer is the cause of death of about 7.5 million people every year. Symptoms of blood cancer usually occur very slowly, so it is difficult to detect it in the initial stage. Cases of blood cancer have increased significantly in young people and middle-aged people as well as children in the last few years. People believe that the treatment of blood cancer is not possible, but if the symptoms are recognized and started at the right time, then the treatment of blood cancer is possible. let us tell you about what is blood cancer and learn its symptoms.

What is blood cancer?

There are several reasons why blood cancer is common. Leukemia is the most common blood cancer. When leukemia occurs, cancer cells start interfering with the process of making the blood of the body. Leukemia attacks blood as well as bone marrow (bone marrow).

  • If a person’s body resistance is low, then they may develop blood cancer.
  • There is a possibility of getting blood cancer when suffering from a particular type of infection.
  • The high dose of radiation therapy used to treat any other type of cancer can lead to blood cancer.
  • Infections such as HIV and AIDS affect the immune system, which can be a risk of blood cancer.

What are the symptoms of blood cancer?

  • In most cases of blood cancer, the patient feels tired and weak. This happens because the number of red blood cells in the blood starts decreasing due to which there is lack of blood in the person.
  • Abnormal white blood cells accumulate in the liver causing inflammation and other problems in the stomach. This type of inflammation can also reduce your appetite. Only after eating a little, you start feeling full. In such a situation, you must contact the doctor.
  • A person suffering from blood cancer is having a tendency to repeated infections. When leukemia cells evolve in the body, complaints of infection can be seen in the patient’s mouth, throat, skin, lungs etc.
  • People who have cancer tend to have abnormally low weight. If the body weight is reduced without any effort then it can be seen as the primary symptom of cancer.
  • Fever is a common symptom of cancer. The immunity of the cancer patient becomes weak, so the patient often has fever. Symptoms of fever are often seen in blood cancer, leukemia etc.
  • The abnormal formation of leukemia cells in the body prevents the bone marrow from forming healthy blood cells such as platelets. Due to its deficiency, more bleeding problems can be seen from the nose of the patient, during menstruation, gums etc.
  • If there is pain in bones and joints may be a symptom of not just arthritis, but also blood cancer. Blood cancer is a disease in the bone marrow that is found in large amounts around the bones and joints.

Beside this some of the symptoms are : Often complaining of headache. Or a migraine complaint. Paralysis is stroke.
Seizures or repeated confusion of something happening. That is, many times the patient remains mentally disturbed.
Feeling of vomiting or untimely vomiting. Complaints of skin rash everywhere. Swelling of the jaws or bleeding.
It takes longer for a wound or wound to heal.

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