Loss of hair, irritability and immunity may be signs of calorie deficiency.

Loss of hair, irritability and immunity may be signs of calorie deficiency.

Most people try to reduce their weight by curbing their calorie intake. But the amount of calories you take in a day affects your weight, fitness level, and energy to perform daily tasks. People with weight loss are often very vigilant towards calorie intake, so they move towards consuming fewer calories. But do you know that calorie deficiency can negatively affect your health. Yes, doing so can cause you mental, emotional and physical problems. Here are 5 pointers, which suggest that you need to increase your calorie intake. And shows loss of hair, irritability and immunity may be signs of calorie deficiency..

1. Hair Loss

You may think that your hair loss is a common problem, but not many times it can be due to lack of calories in the body. If even after the right diet and hair care, you have more hair loss than you need, then understand that you are not consuming enough calories. Adequate amounts of calories, protein, biotin and iron along with some other essential nutrients are required for healthy, strong and soft hair.

2. Skin problems

Dry, cracked, or itchy skin is also a sign of calories and other nutrients. Most skin problems are caused by vitamin E and C deficiency. So if you are facing any such problem, then improve your diet.

3. Decreased immunity

If you often feel sick and start coughing or sneezing lightly, you need to pay attention to your eating habits. This means that your body is not getting enough nutrients to maintain a healthy immune system and fight diseases.

4. Continuous freezing even in the right temperature

This also indicates a decrease in your calorie intake, because your calories and your body temperature are also linked with each other. Your body needs a certain amount of calories to produce heat, which helps maintain the body’s internal temperature. So when you reduce calorie consumption, there is a problem in maintaining body temperature.

5. Feeling irritable

Feeling irritable is another symptom of calorie deficiency. Eating less makes you feel hungry all the time, which in turn can cause you to hangout. You lose focus and feel irritable for no reason. Apart from this, you feel low and cannot remain an erogenetic.

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