Milk cream is beneficial for the skin, 5 winter problems will be removed.

Milk cream is beneficial for the skin, 5 winter problems will be removed.

If you want beautiful, glowing skin, then milk cream is very beneficial for you. In winter, many problems like skin dryness, spots, spots and lack of skin irritate you. Rubbing cures all these problems in a pinch and you get clean, clean, clean skin. Cream is beneficial for health. However, some people shy away from eating cream due to being too fat. But for skin problems you have to apply it on the skin, not the cream. Let us tell you about how Milk cream is beneficial for the skin, 5 winter problems will be removed.

Best moisturiser for skin

Rubbing is considered the best moisturiser for your skin. Due to the oily properties of the cream, it forms a layer on the skin, which locks the moisturiser of your skin and makes your skin glow even in dry air. Massaging the face with cream for a few minutes damages the skin’s damaged tissues, making the skin healthy. But note that after applying the cream on the skin, it smells of milk. So if you do not want this smell, then use it while sleeping at night, so that after the bath, the smell of skin rubs off.

Cream will erase all skin spots

If you got more spots on your skin, then after cleansing the skin with gram flour, apply cream and lemon. After that wash the face with light hot water. By morning you will see the effect. This cream contains both vitamin E and lactic acid, which works to cleanse the skin. At the same time, with Vitamin C found in lemon, the skin starts getting lighter as the colour of the skin becomes clear. Combining these two things together is very effective for the dark and patchy skin.

Remove wrinkles and freckles

Cream is also effective in removing wrinkles on the eyes and face. Mix fine flour in fresh cream of milk at night and apply it on the face. After 15 minutes, rub your face with wet hands and rub all the dough and remove it. After this wash the face with cold water. It removes wrinkles and wrinkles of the face.

Cream face pack for glow and glow on face

Grind gram flour, multani mitti, orange peel powder, apple and make a paste in cream. It can be applied on the face and hands and feet. This makes the skin clean and soft. Applying it on the face and elbows improves the complexion. Wrinkles and skin spots are removed. Skin moisture remains. Which causes the face to glow. Also, there is no problem like skin breakage. The cream removes the dryness of the skin and gives it a natural softness. Gram flour removes stains.

Rubbing to keep skin young

Applying cream on the face daily keeps the face young for a long time. The protein and vitamin present in the cream increases the production of collagen in the skin, which keeps the skin young.