Minami Tanaka with the support of women appeared in the photo book “Lost Paradise” remake.

Minami Tanaka with the support of women appeared in the photo book “Lost Paradise” remake.

Minami Tanaka, a free announcer, has become a hot topic by showing off her sexy limbs in the first photo book “Sincerely yours…” (Treasure Island), released on the 13th of this month.

In the same photo book set in Barcelona, ​​Spain, 100,000 copies have already been decided in addition to the 120,000 copies of the first edition before the release.

In addition, the cut that was released in the weekly magazine prior to the release of the photo book sticks out a good bust of an estimated D cup that spilled from a lingerie-like costume, and a hip with shorts with a sexy look Sensual scenes such as the figure stand out. Entertainment critic Takeshi Misugi says:

“Tana Ana, who was enrolled in TBS, was active mainly in variety programs and gained popularity for her beauty, while some of the first characters were seen critically by homosexual viewers. , Reopening her own bruises and making it a story, and by showing her sincere attitude and efforts toward beauty, such as showing the semi-nude of the “Elbow Bra” pose in the women’s magazine “an an”, focusing on women of the same generation The impression that this photo book expresses not only the opposite sex but also the sexyness of the same sex “

Speaking of such Tanaka Ana, since he has been active as an actress in recent years, some sports papers such as remakes of “ Karakakuen ” which was made into a drama and a movie by popular novel of the author, Junichi Watanabe The challenge of getting wet in the works is also taken.

“I don’t know if it’s a” paradise “, but it’s also rumored in the industry that under the surface of the water, such offers are coming to the staff around us due to the influence of sexy routes. Tanaka Ana seems to be enthusiastic about actress work, and at parties where industry people gather, it may include some lip service, but it seems that she speaks out to the surroundings with unreasonable remarks “(Information program staff of a commercial TV station)

It seems that there is a severe current situation surrounding women’s announcers in this background.