Natural birth or Caesarean

Natural birth or Caesarean:Differences in babies bacteria

Natural birth or Caesarean? According to the research, researchers have discovered that the babies born by Caesarean section have effectively different gut bacteria as compared to those born vaginally.

The UK scientists explains why Caesarean babies have high chances of having health problem later in life. They say they confront with microbes which may act as ‘thermostat’ and effect for the immune system. They also suggest women not to swab babies with their vaginal fluids.

How important are gut bacteria??

Our body are made up of microbes such as bacteria, virus and fungi.Most of them survive in our gut and collectively they are known as ‘microbiome’.
Diseases like allergy, obesity, inflammatory bowel diseases, Parkinson’s, depression, autism, cancer are related to the microbiome.

Microbiomes are formed when we leave our mother’s sterile womb. The study by Wellcome Sanger Institute, University of Birmingham studied on the faecal samples of nearly 600 new first month babies. The study also proved that vaginally born babies got most of their early bacterias from the mother whereas Caesarean section babies got high levels of hospital bugs such as Klebsiella and Pseudomonas.

Dr. Trevor Lawley from the Wellcome Sanger Institute states that its fearful and surprising to know the amount of healthcare bugs shown up on those children which was about 30% of their total microbiome. It also excites to know that human body have an amazing body of data at present that can build on to think about how to establish the human ecosystem properly, starting at birth.

The Microbiome:

If you count all the cells in your body, you are microbe than human, only 43% are human and the rest are microbiome which also includes bacteria, virus, fungi and archaea. The human body is made up of 20000 genes but together all the genes and microbiome results between 2 million to 20 million microbial genes. Our microbiome is also known as ‘second genome’.

Does this affect the baby’s health??

As we have informed above that the children born by Caeserean have higher health risk but they are faded overtime and evened out by their first year completion. The body’s defence against infection i.e. an errant immune system plays vital role.

What should pregnant women do??

The vice president of The Royal College of obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr. Alison Wright suggests not to deter women from having Caeserean. It may be life savour and best choice for women and baby in many cases. Therefore, no women should be detered from having Caeserean birth.