New rules for international students to work in the UK

New rules for international students to work in the UK

New rules for international students to work in the UK. The UK’s Ministry of Home Affairs has proposed a new option to stay in the UK for two years after international students complete their studies.

The move reversed the rule that Home Minister Tarija May had to leave the country within four months after the international student had completed his studies.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the current changes would give students a chance to show their skills and begin their careers in the UK.

Macau policy change

The current change will be applicable to international students starting their studies at the undergraduate level or above in the UK from next year.

In the previous year, the number of such students was around 4,50,000.

For this, students will have to regularly study at a teaching institution with a track record of immigration checks.

In the present proposal, there is no regulation on the nature of the work that students can do, and no maximum limit is specified.

The BBC’s Home Affairs Editor Mark Easton says, “If anyone needs proof of a new way of thinking about immigration within the government, today’s announcement makes it clear that all foreign students will stay for two years after completing their studies.”

“Tarija May brought the provision, in her words, with the ambition of controlling the tens of thousands of variations in the risk of coming and going, called net migration, Boris Johnson announces the goal to be overturned, and promises to encourage excellent and talented students to come, live and work in the UK. ”

Chancellor Sajid Javid tweeted, saying that the move was timely and said that the government should have abolished the ‘foolish policy’ years ago.

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Former University Minister Joe Johnson, who resigned from his brother-in-law’s cabinet last week, said that after the all-party campaign, “success has finally come”.

Universal UK chief executive Alastair Jarvis welcomed the decision, saying it would benefit the UK economy and make it the first destination for study.

He said, “Evidence shows that international students bring significant positive social benefits, as well as contributing £ 260 billions to the economy. But after completing their studies, the UK has not been able to make such a student’s first choice for long.”

Backward or Progressive?

But Alp Mehmet, president of Migration Watch UK, said the decision was not correct and could have led foreign students who have completed their studies to get involved in minor work.

He added, “Our universities are still attracting a tremendous number of international students. That is why there was no need to depreciate our study visas to use them for work purposes.”

Indian student Shreya Swamy said the present proposal was very important but it made her unhappy. She told the students currently living in the UK that she would not help.

She said that she was struggling very much due to the current rules of living for 6 months while she was studying postgraduate.

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She said there is almost zero employment opportunity for those coming from abroad with experience in the UK.

“I’ve gone through this hellish situation and in recent months I have been trying to figure out what to do in the future because getting any opportunity in the UK is practically impossible.”

“I feel very unsupported and I feel like I made the mistake of coming here to study, because I’m going home with a very expensive piece of paper.”

Shadow Home Minister Diane Abbott of the opposition party said the Labor party always considered that students who completed the study should be allowed to work in the UK.

“It will give them the opportunity to contribute to our economy, university and research as well as attract the best and brightest around the world.”

In the past, she said it was a matter of great regret that governments should not adopt such a policy.

International partnership

The government announcement comes after UK Biobank, a body working in the field of health and philanthropy, decided to pursue a £ 3 million research project.

UK Biobank has collected samples and health questionnaires from more than 1 million volunteers in the UK. He said he would open up researchers from all corners of the globe to develop new ways of treating those sources.

Prime Minister Jonson said that such a project could not be completed without providing excellent students to come to the UK and study and work opportunities worldwide.

He noted that Britain has a proud history of international partnerships, emphasizing that the world’s largest genetic research program should invite experts from around the world to work in the UK. Read more