Newly discovered giant amphibian

Newly discovered giant amphibian

According to DNA from museum specimens, giant amphibian has been discovered newly as the possibly largest amphibian on the Earth.The critically endangered species, The South China giant Salamander was newly identified which is about 2 metres in length. Because these species are rare, to be protected from extinction, scientists say that renewed conservative efforts should be shown.

Professor Samuel turvey from Zoological Society of London says that the reducing number of wild and rare species has been Catastrophic.

“We hope that this new understanding of their species diversity has arrived in time to support their successful conservation, but immediate methods should be applied to save any rare species like these so that they remain and sustain forever”,he said.

Co-researcher Melissa Marr, from the Natural History Museum London also says that these species should be preserved in the genetic integrity of each distinct species.

According to researchers, It is found that in various parts of China, three types of species are found i.e. single species, analysis of specimens, living and dead. Cultivating for the luxury crops, vegetables and fruits has led to the extinction of species in numbers across China. Researchers believe that the largest amphibian alive till date is The South China Salamander out of three species.

About The Giant South China Salamander:

These giant South China Salamander used to be found across huge area of central, eastern and southern part of China but due to the increasing population rate, the demand of luxury foods has been rising and hence resulting the over exploitation. It disturbed on the life of wild and rare species such as The Giant South China Salamander.

What did the  research say??

After research, scientists found that The Giant South China Salamander is such ancient species that it is regarded as a ‘Living Fossil’.They used museum specimens to observe the genetic history of The Chinese Giant Salamander.

The Chinese Giant Salamander was also known as unusual animal and was kept at London Zoo, also now preserved as specimen in the Natural History Museum.