Not just tobacco, mouth cancer can also be caused due to these reasons.

Not just tobacco, mouth cancer can also be caused due to these reasons.

If you do not consume tobacco and cigarettes, it is not that you are not at risk of cancer. Tobacco is a major cause of oral cancer, but apart from this, there can be many reasons for cancer. Mouth cancer is the biggest disease in India, due to which millions of people lose their lives every year. Many times it happens that a person who never consumes cigarettes, alcohol and tobacco, also gets cancer. Let us tell you about how not just tobacco, mouth cancer can also be caused due to these reasons.

Staying long time in the sun

Sunlight is good for health, but staying in the sun for too long can also cause cancer. The sun contains ultraviolet rays, which damage the skin. Skin cancer is usually caused by sunlight, but sometimes jaw bones and lips can also get cancer. Ultraviolet rays can be very harmful and are at risk of causing many health problems. Ultraviolet rays cause cellular mutations that can lead to jaw cancer.

Cancer due to wrong diet

Nowadays a lot of adulterated things are found in the market, which you use indiscriminately. Cases of adulteration in things like turmeric powder, black pepper, red chilli powder, coriander powder, oil, flour, rice etc. are frequently encountered. In order to make more profit in these goods, many harmful substances are sometimes added, due to which cancer can develop in the body. Adulteration in things is also a major reason for increasing cancer in people nowadays. Apart from this, we often think that eating fast foods and fried foods can only lead to obesity but you are wrong. Cancer is also caused by the consumption of high-fat diets and poor diet.

Mouth cancer due to dental disease

Cancer can also occur due to any dental disease, due to not cleaning the mouth properly or due to infection of the mouth. Dental problems can cause jaw cancer. If you have decay in your teeth, the teeth are broken and their infection can cause cancer. So always keep teeth cleaning and if there is any problem, please show the dentist.

Due to HPV

HPV, a human papillomavirus, is a group of more than 200 viruses that can spread from person to person through unprotected sex, touching or sneezing and coughing. Although most of these viruses do not spread cancer, scientists have considered about 12 viruses as ‘high risk HPV’, can cause cancer.

Drinking alcohol

Not only eating tobacco, drinking alcohol is also a risk of oral cancer. People who drink more alcohol have a 6 times higher risk of oral cancer than those who do not drink alcohol. So if you consume alcohol, then stop it completely. If it is not possible to completely stop, then at least try to consume a very limited amount of alcohol.