Oral Cancer symptoms and method of prevention.

Oral Cancer symptoms and method of prevention.

Oral cancer ie oral cancer affects the lips, gums, tongue, above the mouth, inside the cheeks or under the tongue and the soft floor of the mouth. When it affects your tonsils, upper throat, or soft palette, it is called “oropharyngeal”. A soft palette is where the upper part of your mouth meets your throat. Acne cancer can happen to anyone, but people over 45 are more likely to get this type of cancer. If you are not aware of oral cancer or you do not have any information related to this disease, then we are going to tell you what kind of Oral Cancer symptoms and method of prevention and how you can avoid this disease.

Symptoms of oral cancer.

You may not notice any symptoms. But the most common symptom is any type of wound inside your cheek or lips, which is not healing. You may feel a lump in your mouth or see a red or white patch. Symptoms such as feeling of numbness in the mouth, pain, bleeding, or weakness, as well as a change in voice, ringing in the ears, and a sore throat. Teeth may also fall for no apparent reason. But these can also be signs of less serious problems. If you notice any symptoms, then tell your doctor and try to find out the reason.

Who gets mouth cancer?

Women and men who are above the age of 45 years are more likely to develop oral cancer, although it can occur at any age. People who have fair skin are more likely to get lip cancer. And some studies have said that people with weakened immune system or suffering from chronic disease like HIV are more likely to develop oral cancer with age.

Tobacco use increases risk of oral cancer.

About 90 percent of people who have head or neck cancer, including oral cancer, either use tobacco or suffer from passive smoking. Whatever the form it may be from cigarette, cigar, sniffing or chewing tobacco. Pipes are especially more risky because your lips are joined to the stem of the pipe. People who use cannabis may also be more likely to get the disease.

Alcohol is also a factor of mouth cancer.

Alcohol can increase the chances of this disease.  Especially if you drink too much alcohol on a regular basis (drinking one or more drinks a day). And if you use tobacco along with alcohol, then you are more likely to develop mouth cancer. Especially after the age of 50.

How to treat mouth cancer?

Doctors and dentists usually can detect oral cancer during routine check-ups. If they find any signs of any problem, they look carefully inside your mouth and throat. Sometimes he uses a special device and you may feel a lump in your jaw, neck. If he finds something, a test called biopsy can help confirm cancer.

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