People who sit for hours in office are at risk of these 5 diseases.

People who sit for hours in office are at risk of these 5 diseases.

Some people give so much importance to work in their lives that they sit and work in the office for hours. Such people are called workaholic, that is, those who are addicted to work. Such people are highly praised at the professional level and are considered the most hardworking and dedicated in the office. But the truth is that in the long run this habit can be harmful for their health. Some people think that doing more work only affects the brain, but not, such people are also at increased risk of many types of physical illnesses.

If you also give more importance to the work, then be careful. Today we are telling you 5 such diseases, which are more at risk for workaholic people.


Obesity does not seem to be a disease for some people, but in the eyes of experts, it is the root of the most dangerous diseases of today, so it is a kind of disease. It is seen that people who spend hours in the office doing a lot of work, their life becomes stagnant. Due to which their metabolism becomes weak and there is lot of fat in the organs. That is why people who work a lot are overweight.

Heart diseases

Workers sitting for hours are also at great risk of heart diseases. Actually, due to work, a person’s body is able to move very little, due to which the blood circulation in the body parts is affected. Apart from this, along with work, the person also takes stress, which has a bad effect on his arteries. Along with this, the cholesterol of such people is also increased. All these three problems are directly related to heart diseases.

Chronic pain

There may be a problem of inflammation in the body due to excessive stress, due to which you may complain of occasional pain in the body parts. People often ignore such pain as normal. But in the long run, the problem of inflammation can also be fatal. Even this can cause damage to many organs that keep you alive. Therefore, do not ignore the pain in the body, instead treat it.

Immune system weakness

The immune system of a person is affected due to overwork. Impairment of the immune system is very dangerous for your body, because the immune system is the system that protects your body from diseases, viruses, bacteria, infections, etc. People whose immune system is weak, they get cold, cold, fever, viral etc. very quickly. Apart from this, many types of respiratory diseases can also occur.

Insomnia, stress, depression

Workaholic people often have problems with sleeplessness at night due to work pressure, which is called insomnia. Lack of sleep also causes many fatal diseases. Apart from this, due to not getting enough sleep daily, a person also starts facing many mental problems. Problems of stress and depression can also happen to such people. Depression is a dangerous condition, so prevention is very important.

Keep in mind: Work to the best of your ability. After this, rest is also very important. Do not work more than 9-10 hours in a day. Take 7-8 hours of sleep every day and eat healthy food.