Reasons for leg cramps at night and know its causes.

Reasons for leg cramps at night and know its causes.

The problem of foot pain becomes common with increasing age, the reason behind this is irregular eating and irregular lifestyle. Usually people have to force their foot pain to be ignored, but at night this pain starts to become very severe and painful. Because of which they have to face a lot of trouble at night. With many people, this problem occurs only at night with cramps and pain throughout their legs overnight. Let us tell you about reasons for leg cramps at night and know its causes.

These muscle spasms mostly occur in the calf and legs, but sometimes they can also affect your thighs badly. It becomes very important to treat it, otherwise it can become more serious for you later. But before that it is important to know why it happens at night.

Changing seasons

According to research, these cramps are more common in people than in summer. Explaining the reason, Scott says that these muscle spasms are caused by neurological issues – not muscle disorders. Due to high vitamin D levels, nerve development and repair in summer can be very active. So when your vitamin D levels rise, your body can engage in natural repair, which triggers these cramps.


Water is very important in our body, water is the cause and treatment of most diseases. Late night cramps are also a sign of dehydration. Due to lack of proper amount of water in the body, foot cramps may occur. This is because dehydration can cause electrolyte imbalance in the blood, which can result in cramps, so you should drink enough water daily so that you can relieve the cramps of your feet.

Nutritional deficiencies

It is very important to provide adequate nutrition in your body in the midst of a run-of-the-mill life, otherwise you can be a victim of many serious diseases. Lack of nutrients is also the cause of leg cramps and pain. Very often it is the lack of nutrients that causes those dangerous cramps. To check for any imbalance, get your calcium, magnesium and potassium levels checked. This can work to protect you from the risk of many diseases.

Too much workout

Too much strength workout can cause cramps in your legs, which makes you uncomfortable at night. Suddenly too much workout can be harmful for you in many ways. So you should always avoid doing any type of workout too much suddenly, instead you should start it slowly.

If you have passed 50 years, then you feel more pain in the feet. It is caused by your aging. In the early 50s, you start losing motor neurons and cramps become quite common for you. Therefore, you should take the right diet and contact the doctor from time to time.