Side effects of chemotherapy and learn its prevention measures.

Side effects of chemotherapy and learn its prevention measures.

Chemotherapy is use to treat cancer. Chemotherapy is a very effective therapy for any victim to overcome the cancer outbreak. In the last stage of the victim, chemotherapy is a better treatment used to control cancer. Chemotherapy works to eliminate cancer cells during treatment. But do you know that after chemotherapy the patient has to face some side effects. Because of which they definitely have some trouble. Today, we tell you through this article what are the side effects after chemotherapy and what are the ways to avoid it.

Chemotherapy is used during the treatment of cancer. These are the drugs that are used to eliminate cancer cells. Due to these medicines, the tumors shrink and the cancer is not able to spread. These are also known as anti cancer drugs or chemotherapeutic agents. There are about 80 anti-cancer drugs available in the market and many are still under research.

Chemotherapy side effects


Chemotherapy is an important cancer treatment therapy that works to eliminate cancer. After this therapy, there are some problems, due to which the patient may loose a bit. After chemotherapy, often the patient feels more tired than before and gets tired quickly. In such a situation, the patient needs more rest and has no desire to work.

Vomiting and nausea

Chemotherapy is a form of heavy therapy, due to the dissolution of drugs of this therapy, the patient sometimes has problems like nausea and vomiting.

Frequent hair loss

After the treatment of chemotherapy, the hair becomes thinner due to the use of drugs, due to which the hair starts falling or falling much more quickly. Please tell that the problem of hair loss is temporary and the hair comes back again.

Mouth wounds

In treating chemotherapy, the patient is at risk of a wound inside the mouth. Many cells are destroyed in the body, due to which the mouth may become red and lesions may arise in the mouth.

Preventive measures

  • Exercise regularly, so you can control it to a certain extent by protecting yourself from the side effects after chemotherapy.
  • Do not eat anything that works to spoil your health.
  • One should keep distance from eating fried, fried, spicy, high salt foods.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption can be very harmful for you. Therefore, you should try to keep distance from these things.