Some ways to stay healthy

Some ways to stay healthy

Nature has made all arrangements to live healthy. However, because of our ignorance, we are suffering from the disease. The farther away we are from nature, the more sick we become. Our routine is as healthy as the laws of nature. Follow the rules presented below and move on to a healthy path.

1. Let’s go to bed at 10pm and get up before sunrise in the morning.

2. Let us resolve that ‘today I spend the day positively’ before opening my eyes immediately.

3. Let us concentrate on the breathing without interruption to the breathing that normally goes on for 2-3 minutes. Rub the palm and put the warm palm in the face and let the eyes open slowly, looking at the palm.

4. Before going to toilet, drink 3-5 glasses of water in copper pot.

5. If you want go toilet, do not hold it. Withholding habits subsequently suffer from the disease.

6. When brushing your teeth, use soft brushes and gently rub the bottom, top and bottom. After rubbing, let the finger rub and clean it. Doing so will strengthen the teeth.

7. Let’s take a short shower daily. 1 hours before eating, 3 hours after eating and after sweating, let us shower only after drying. Let us take a shower with abrasive cotton cloth.

8. If the time and the weather is favorable, let us take sunbath for the morning and evening hours by wearing only essential clothes for 15-20 minutes.

9. On a regular basis, we should take between 1 and 1.5 hours in the morning to protect ourselves. Let us do asana, pranayama, meditation and exercise during that time. As a workout, walk for 35 minutes in the morning. Let us take deep and long breaths and exhale while walking.

10. Let us eat and drink while hungry so that we do not have to be burdened with stomach.

11. Let us drink 3-4 liters of water regularly. Let’s drink at the rate of 1 glasses in 1 hour. Let us make it a habit to drink water only half an hour before eating and for 1 hour after eating it, half an hour before eating fruit and half an hour after eating it.

12. For breakfast, eat fresh seasonal fruits, sprouts, honey-water or lemonade. Breakfast: Let the squared wheat bread, oatmeal or brown rice (brown rice) and 3-4 types of vegetables.

13. Let us stay in Bajrasan for 10 minutes after eating. Let’s start as early as we can. Then increase the time to 15 minute.

14. Let’s eat dinner about 3 hours before going to bed. Keep the dining area quiet. Turn off the TV, the radio.

15. Let us eat only after the emotional impulse (anger, sadness, stress, agony) calms. Let’s eat by a happy, calm, happy heart.

16. Avoid evening bedtime habits. If you feel uncomfortable you can sleep for least time like 30 minutes.

17. Let’s think positively to relieve stress. Always be optimistic. Let us make it a habit to love and support all.

18. During leisure, let’s read literature, philosophy, health-related material or topics of interest. Let’s listen to music. Let’s get used to the time spent in progressive work.

19. While cooking stand, let one foot bend over the brick and the other to the ground. Let’s change our legs and If you feel uncomfortable sit down in a chair and cook.

20. Make it a habit to breathe or do scientific relaxation 2-3 times a day. It relieves physical and mental fatigue.

21. The rooms in the house should be sun-soaked, open and clean.

22. After 3 hours of work, let’s rest. If you do computer or tablework, let go of the usual workouts of the hands and back for hours or stretch your body and wash your eyes with cold water. Let’s take a deep breath in the middle of the work 10-15 times. When sitting down, let us keep the back straight.

23. Let’s laugh openly 3-4 times a day. It removes tension and transmits power.

If you follow these health rules, you will be healthy, fit and fine .