Spotify Wrapped 2019 is now available.

Spotify Wrapped 2019 is now available.

Spotify Wrapped 2019  – which features all the songs, albums and podcasts you have streamed – is now available.

Now you can access your listening history from across the year, include artists and songs, as well as how many minutes were spent using Spotify in 2019.

There is also a new A Decade Wrapped feature that features songs, albums, artists, and podcasts over the past 10 years.

The company launched itself in 2006, so there is a high probability that you will be using the streaming service during 2010.

How to find your Spotified wrapped 2019 data:

  • 1. Proceed to
  • 2. Connect to your Spotify account
  • 3. Then the website will take you through your 2019 listening history, cover the artists and the songs you listened to, how many minutes you spent to listen to Spotify in 2019.
  • 4. Alternatively, check out all the data for the Spotify app on your smartphone or tablet as well as the top 100 playlists of your most streamlined songs of the year.
  • The Spotify Wrapped character not only gathers your personal listening patterns, but also puts together music streamed by its 217 million + subscribers throughout the year to make the annual Spotify Wrapped List.

For the annual list of Spotify Wrapped 2019, Post Malone succeeded in knocking Drake into his top spot as the hottest artist, playing over 6.5 billion streams worldwide. General Z-Favorite Billy Illish came in second with 6 billion streams, while his album, When We’re All Sleeping, Where Do We Go? Was the most played album of the year – the first time a woman’s album has topped the Spotify rapped chart.

Spector Camera Takes Crown as Apple’s Top iPhone App of 2019

Not only has Eilish climbed to the top of the Spotify chart, this week he has also been named the Global Artist of Apple Music of the Year, as well as songwriter of the year which he will share with his brother Phineas at the early Apple of streaming service. Music award

When it comes to UK artists, Ed Sheeran was crowned the most successful British streaming artist of the decade.

The largest podcast on Spotify this year was The Joy Buden Podcast with Rory and Mal, which made the German podcast Fest und Falschig (Feast and Drunken) to fourth, previous year topping the list.

The true crime hit, My Favorite Murder, came in second. Every week podcast hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark,  published its first episode in 2016. Each week the two discuss the murder separately, “Be sexy, don’t kill.”

The most familiar podcast genres contained comedy, society and culture, news, true crime and health and fitness. Keep this in mind when you are unveiling your podcast in 2020.