Stomach ulcers should eat these things to get relief.

Stomach ulcers should eat these things to get relief.

Doctors often think that some food causes ulcers. But it is not so. Actually, stomach ulcers can also be caused by pain killer and being infected with bacteria called H for a long time. Stomach ulcer is one of the most serious diseases. People in the grip of it become difficult to live. Irregular routines and poor eating are the major causes of stomach ulcers, but due to poor lifestyle, there are also wounds in our stomach which in medical parlance are called ulcers.

Apart from all these things, excessive consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol can also cause ulcers. The main symptoms of stomach ulcers are pain in the upper abdomen, formation of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, vomiting of blood, acidity reflexes, weight loss.

However, it is very important to know that foods never cause ulcers, rather they increase that pain. Therefore, whenever you are troubled by stomach ulcer complaints, then take care of your food. Therefore, we are telling you what to eat and what not to do if you have stomach ulcer.

Best food that should be eaten when you have stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcers should eat these things to get relief.


Foods like yogurt are enriched with good bacteria like probiotics. They help ulcers in fighting bacteria called H. Pylori work better by helping with infection or healing. Foods like yogurt help in healing stomach ulcers.

Fiber rich foods

Apples, pears, oatmeal and other foods are rich in fiber and are good for ulcers in two ways. Fiber can reduce the amount of acid in your stomach and provide relief from bloated stomach and pain. Research has also revealed that a fiber-rich diet can help prevent ulcers.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is rich in vitamin A and there is evidence that these nutrients can help reduce stomach ulcers and play an important role in preventing them. Other foods with a high dose of vitamin A include spinach, carrots.

Foods that should not be eaten when you have stomach ulcers


Doctors often told people that they should drink milk as a treatment if they had stomach ulcers but now things have changed. People know that drinking milk on stomach ulcers neither provides relief nor can the ulcers be prevented. In fact, milk makes things worse when there are complaints of stomach ulcer because it makes more acid in the stomach.


If you have an ulcer, you should limit your consumption of alcohol or stop drinking it. Research has shown that alcohol increases stomach irritation and damages your digestive tract. It works to make the ulcer more painful.

Fatty food

Fatty food takes too long to digest, which causes stomach ache and flatulence. If you are troubled by stomach ulcer complaints then stop consuming these things. If you are eating fatty food and you are having trouble in your stomach then take a break from them immediately.

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