Corona Survivor told how the symptoms of corona change from the first day to 10 days.

Corona Survivor told how the symptoms of corona change from the first day to 10 days.

At present, Coronavirus is definitely one of the biggest challenges facing the world, including India, which the governments of all countries are trying to face together. France, Italy, China, New Zealand, Poland and several states in India are fully locked down and most people are forced to remain locked inside their homes. The most worrying thing is that most people are not aware of the symptoms of corona.

But if you see a sudden change in your health, then you should check yourself. If you are worried about early signs of corona, then a 22-year-old girl from the US who has been found to be corona positive is telling you about symptoms of corona change from the first day to 10 days. If you feel that this is happening to you too, then you can also get your corona test done.

Recently, a 22-year-old woman from the United States named Bonda Haliti shared her story of recovering from coronavirus symptoms on social media. At the same time it has also encouraged people to relieve stress during the outbreak of this epidemic. Bonda began tweeting when she began to see early signs of this deadly disease.

She initially read about her symptoms on the internet and started resting at home, but as the symptoms became severe she met her doctor and explained her problems and she was found to be corona positive during examination.

A US woman sharing her experience can help people understand the true symptoms of corono virus, as well as what to do in what situation. Not only this, this information of women will also increase awareness among people about panic and cold during the outbreak of this disease.

Talking about Corona on Twitter, Mahila said that I am 22 years old and I was found to be Corona positive. While posting this information on social media, I had a strange duality but I want to share my experience so that people of my age can raise awareness and get relief from the stress / anxiety caused by this epidemic.

Symptoms of corona change from the first day to 10 days, the woman has told about the signs of corona very easily:

Day 1: Signs of corona begin with a mild dry cough and sore throat. I was very tired that night.

Day 2: I felt my head very heavy and I slowly coughed so that my pain would not increase. That night, I got a cold and also got fever. Apart from this, my eyes were also hurt, which is one of the main signs visible outside the body. While walking, I was having problems even during this time. When I google it, I thought it is migraine. But it kept hurting all night and I did not sleep at all. The next morning I kept sleeping.

Day 3: I had very little energy. I slept and had fever. My symptoms at this time included dry cough, migraine, fever, chills, nausea. I decided to go to the doctor where the report of the flu came negative. The doctor told me that I probably had some kind of infection and they advised me to take 800 mg of ibuprin with antibiotics. I decided to stay hydrated and stocked vitamins and probiotics. I got fever again that night.

Day 4: Eventually my fever subsided but I noticed a new symptom, shortness of breath. It was very troubling, I felt like somebody had put bricks on my chest. I tried to research myself and discover an online way which I completed without any complication. During this time, I wanted to test the corona though it was very tough to test the corona. I decided to keep myself apart and stay hydrated.

Day 5: Symptoms: sore throat, cough, shortness of breath. I then went to the same doctor and was very adamant about getting the examination done. After which I asked the doctor to do chest X-rays but everything came back normal. I was advised to be alone and to take the results of the rest of the test after 5-6 days.

Day 6: With continued use of antibiotics and ibuprofine, my symptoms were: sore throat, cough, shortness of breath. Although my energy level started increasing.

Day 7: Symptoms: sore throat, mild cough, difficulty in breathing. Energy level increases.

Day 8: Symptoms: Mild cough, felt life in life. Now slowly the energy was increasing.

Day 9: Symptoms: My cough had increased and energy was normal.

Day 10: Symptoms: Mild cough, mucus, normal energy level. My investigation report was positive.

I continued to set myself apart and take care of myself. Today I feel very well and healthy. However, I need to get tested again to be fully fit.

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