Taylor Swift cancelled concert

Taylor Swift cancelled concert after the horse died

Singer Taylor Swift has canceled a default musical concert at Australia’s oldest horse race Melbourne Cup.

The Melbourne Cup has been so popular since its inception that it is said that the horse race attracts the entire country. Animal rights activists’ protests are the main reason for their refusal to sing at such a large and important Melbourne Cup. A horse with a disability is also included in the race. For this, the horse has to bend the weight with some weight.

A month before the event, the singer abruptly canceled her concert and her fans were disappointed after Taylor Swift cancelled concert while animal rights activists welcomed her. Earlier, animal rights activists accused the singer of participating in the Melbourne Cup and promoting animal abuse.

Taylor Swift has set money before empathy by accepting to perform the show at the 2019 Melbourne Cup.

Horses are died for gambling benefit and enjoyment. If Taylor Swift  gives serious attention at all about other animals the way she appears to serious attention about cats, she will cancel her performance and make a strong declaration that animal abuse is not acceptable.

The coercion on Taylor Swift to cancel her show was remarkable. Her fans did not like to see her helping against animal abuse.

Just as you show concern for cats. If this is your concern and concern for all the animals in this way, please do not participate in the torture of the horse and send a message that animal cruelty is not acceptable, the animal rights activist had requested singer Swift.

Swift did not reveal the reason for the concert cancellation, but it is believed to be the reason. Animal rights activists have started protesting after 6 horses were killed during the Melbourne Cup in 2013. The organizer has expressed sadness after the singer informed that she could not attend the event.