The Cowboys’ Brett Maiher is feeling good about Outing Verses Bears.

The Cowboys’ Brett Maiher is feeling good about Outing Verses Bears.

Future Kickrate looks bleak for Brett Maiher, for the second week in a row. The Dallas Cowboys essentially only put him on notice as to whether the Chicago Bears were going to a 31-24 loss on “Thursday Night Football” by hosting Trout for three kickers after another bad outing on Week 13. The Cowboys’ Brett Maiher is feeling good about Outing Verses Bears.

However, he opted to stay with Maihar after the workout, but the decision helped him to a much-needed win at Soldier Field. Maihar missed a crucial 42-yard field goal for 42 minutes with five minutes remaining in the first half, which tied the score at 10-10 and gave the team a chance to tie the game late in the fourth quarter – Assuming that the malicious defense happened, how to get another rare stop against Michelle Trubisky.

Instead, with a 10 point drop as time expired, he was forced to dismiss Maihar, who turned out to be a field goal with 12 seconds left to play, which completely Became incompatible.

Jason Garrett, head coach said ”You have to kick,”  after a missed 42-yard game. “We’ve had the last two weeks where you run the ball and you’re going to get yourself in a position to be competitive in the game, and we weren’t able to capitalize on the drive with a field goal.”

Garrett himself is fighting for a job going forward, and Maihar is not helping any of his causes.

The Matters were made worse for both when a kickoff went out of bounds in the third quarter, setting up the Bears at the 40-yard line. Thanks to that extra error by Maihar, Trubisky was gifted a great field position that led to another Chicago touchdown.

“We were trying to throw the ball away from [Cordrell Patterson],” Garrett explained. “He’s a big-time player. [Maher] missed it a bit and it went out of bounds. So, obviously, we didn’t want to be in that position.”

It is evident.

For his part, Maihar completely relinquished his poor performance in Chicago that detracted from the reality of what had happened, causing more concern about the situation.

“I looked like I did a good job staying in my lane this week,” he said. “I looked like I would hit every ball very well tonight. I would put my head on the pillow tonight. I would love to see what I did this week and keep going.”

The Cowboys completely disagree, including owner Jerry Jones who offers Fan to analyze the 105.3FM Fan’s performance on Monday, but does that mean they are finally ready to move on from him?

“Obviously, we have to evaluate it closely,” Garrett said in a less succinct tone than he did a few days earlier on Monday. “… We brought in three kickers in the first week. We decided to give Brett a chance this week. It didn’t work.

“So we have to take a real close look at it.”

With just a mini-buy with him to do just that, Maihar’s chances of being on the roster in Week 15 are slimmer than ever.