These things can be dangerous when the body is deficient in vitamin D.

These things can be dangerous when the body is deficient in vitamin D.

There is no doubt that health is most important for our body because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Perhaps this is why health is called the greatest capital of man. You must be aware that we have to face many types of problems when the health of the body deteriorates. The body needs nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy and different vitamins, minerals also have their own importance. But deficiency in these nutrients can be dangerous not only weakens our body but also makes us a victim of many diseases.

Although all the vitamins are necessary for our body, but one of these vitamins is considered the most important. Yes, the name of this essential vitamin is Vitamin D. Due to deficiency of Vitamin D in the body, our bones are weak and it is also difficult to avoid external infection. It is as important as it is necessary to complete vitamin D deficiency, take care that such food is not consumed, which can be dangerous for your body. In this article, we will tell you what things should not be consumed when there is a deficiency of Vitamin D in the body.

What not to eat when vitamin D is deficient?

In order to meet the deficiency of Vitamin D in the body, we should never consume gas-producing food. There are many types of problems in our body due to the formation of gas in the stomach. Due to which the person also becomes the victim of many diseases.

In case of deficiency of Vitamin D in the body, the intake of salad etc. should also be reduced.

Excess intake of fast food should also be avoided in case of vitamin D deficiency. In fast food, more spices and oils are used, which prove harmful to the body and is enough to make a person sick. Therefore, you should avoid fast food.

Chole, kidney beans and non-digestible substances should not be taken in your diet. Consuming these things daily increases the amount of other nutrients in the body, which affects the lack of vitamin D in the body.

Food should not be stored in the refrigerator if there is a deficiency of Vitamin D in the body. Keeping food in the refrigerator reduces its nutrients, due to which the body does not get adequate nutrition. So avoid doing this.

It is very important to sleep less during the day, while waking up late at night can be a cause of concern for you.

Consume cold things like ice cream, cold drinks, less.

Consume less sour foods like pickle, chutney.

Tips to complete vitamin D deficiency

  • Strengthen digestive power.
  • Desi ghee or sesame oil should be used more.
  • Massage the body daily.
  • Do yoga pranayama and meditation.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • One should sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning.
  • Fish is also found in plenty of vitamin D, include it in your diet.

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