Uses of conditioner in 6 ways to make hair soft and shiny.

Uses of conditioner in 6 ways to make hair soft and shiny.

Almost all of you have used hair condition only on hair. But do you know that your hair conditioner can be used in many other ways. Yes, conditioner not only helps to make your hair soft and shiny, but it can make many more tasks easier for you. Your hair conditioner can range from a moisturizer to a manicure and pedicure session. Come here today, we are telling you some easy hacks of the uses of conditioner in 6 ways to make hair soft and shiny..

# 1. Moisturizer

You can use your hair conditioner as a moisturizer. Yes, if you have used soap, body scrub or bathing lather which has left a lot of froth, you can use conditioner as a moisturizer. For this you can put 1 or 2 spoon conditioners in your bath water. This will help give you a soft and moisturized skin.

#2. Softener and refresher

You can also use your hair conditioner as a softener and refresher. It helps in softening your hair and giving a good fragrance to the hair. You mix the conditioner in a little water and fill it in a spray bottle. Now shake this bottle properly and then sprinkle it on clothes or hair from a distance. This will help you if you do not feel like washing your hair or if the perfume put on clothes is gone.

# 3. For manicure and pedicure

You can also use your conditioner for your manicure and pedicure sessions. This helps in softening your skin as well as softening the cuticles. You can use conditioner for homemade manicure and pedicure session and massage it by applying it on the feet on your hand.

# 4. Leather cleaning

Cleaning a leather jacket or purse is not easy, so a cloning product is needed for this. But if you want, you can clean things from the condition with leather. For this, you have to take a hair conditioner in a cleaning towel and then clean your purse, jacket, belt or shoes.

# 5. Shaving cream

Hair condition helps to soften and moisturize your skin, so you can also use it as a shaving cream. If you want, make your homemade condition and use it as a shaving cream.

# 6. Jewelery cleaning

You can also use conditioner to clean your old jewelry and give it a new JC shine. Apply conditioner on your jewelry, rub it with a toothbrush and then clean it with a cloth. Your old jewelry will shine.

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