What can cause eyelid inflammation?

What can cause eyelid inflammation?

Our eyes are very sensitive. Problems of eye irritation, itching and redness are sometimes common. These problems are common in the eyes when exposed to external dust-soil, pollution particles and bacteria. But sometimes this symptom can also be an early sign of some serious eye diseases. In such a situation, ignoring eye problems can be fatal for you at times.Let us tell you about cause eyelid inflammation.

Many times when you wake up in the morning, you see swelling in the eyelids of one or both of your eyes. People call this problem by different names in local dialects. In medical science, infection is said to be the most common cause of such inflammation. But infection is not necessarily the only cause of swelling in the eyelids. Sometimes, eyelid inflammation can also occur due to some other diseases of the eyes. Let us tell you some common problems.


As already stated, eyes are very sensitive organs. So these are very susceptible to allergies. Sometimes these allergies are caused by dust, dirt, and sometimes contact lenses can be caused. Usually, there are problems with swelling of the eyelids as well as redness of the eyes, itching, and watery eyes when allergic. Do not add any eye drops if you have an allergy, rather use a medicine or drop only on the advice of a doctor.

Pink eye

Pink eye is called conjunctivitis in the medical language. This is also a type of infection, which usually occurs when exposed to a virus or bacteria. The conjunctiva of the eye swells when suffering from such infection. The conjunctiva is an inner layer filled with transparent gel-like mucus. In case of conjunctivitis, you should consult doctors only and only. To treat this, your doctor may give you some other medicines along with antibiotics.


Some people call it sty as Bilani. It is the second most common cause of inflammation in the eyelids. Many times this bilani or stye is cured on its own and sometimes it can also take dangerous forms, after which you may need surgery. Therefore, in case of swelling of the eyelids, it is better to try an home remedy and treat it with an eye doctor. Common bilani can be cured with antibiotics.

Contact lens

People who apply contact lenses also often have swelling problems in the eyelids. Such a problem usually occurs when you do not take care of cleanliness when placing, placing and lifting contact lenses. Due to this bacteria reach your eyes and cause swelling, itching, pain and redness. However, the infection caused by contact lenses cannot be termed as serious because it is self-correcting under normal conditions. However, if you have pain and swelling problems for more than 2-3 days, then you should contact a doctor once.

Insect bite

Many times an eye infection occurs even when an insect bite or goes into the eye while riding a bike and there may be a problem of swelling of the eyelids. To avoid such problem, it is better to wear helmet and goggles while riding the bike and do not sleep in the ground or near trees.

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