What is blood infection (sepsis)? Learn causes, symptoms and prevention.

What is blood infection (sepsis)? Learn causes, symptoms and prevention.

Blood infections are also known as sepsis or septicemia. This disease can be caused by infection. Blood infection occurs when blood-soluble chemicals in the body start to irritate along with inflammation throughout the body to combat the infection. Due to this, many types of changes are also seen in the body. Due to this, many organs in the body are negatively affected and their process is interrupted. Today we will tell you through this article what are the symptoms of blood infection? What are the reasons behind this? And how can prevention and treatment take place? Let’s us tell you about blood infection (sepsis).

What are the symptoms of blood infection?

Sepsis is divided into three parts: the initial state of sepsis, the critical condition, the final septic shock. In such a situation, it is necessary to be treated in the beginning.

Early symptoms of sepsis

The initial symptoms of sepsis are as follows:

Breathing quickly,
Confirmation of infection,
Change in body temperature,
The heartbeat lasts more than 90 times in a minute.

Symptoms of severe sepsis

Feeling difficulty in breathing,
Change in mental state,
Decreasing the number of platelets,
Decreased urine,
Stomach ache
Unusual pumping by the heart.
Septic shock

Its symptoms are also similar to those of severe septic symptoms. In this case, the blood pressure is reduced. Doctors resort to fluids to normalize BP.

When to see a doctor?

This disease is found mostly in those who stay in the hospital for a long time. People who are in ICU ie Intensive Care Unit, they become victims of this disease early. If you have also got any type of infection or you see the above symptoms after surgery, then consult a doctor.

Who are at risk of sepsis?

  •  Young children are at greater risk of this.
  •  Its risk increases in old age.
  •  People who take medicines which cause the immune system to go down can also get this disease.
  • Diabetes patients are at risk.
  • Those people who are troubled by the weakening of the immune system due to HIV AIDS or cancer can also come in the grip of problem.
  • People who have come to the hospital or who have undergone surgery.

What are the reasons behind being septic?

Under-infection or overreaction causes live sickness. The under-section means that the immunity system does not function correctly, it stops and the overaction acts as a trigger for the transition immunity system. Apart from this, many times a situation is created when our bones become infected, this condition is also called osteomyelitis. This situation arises when people are admitted to the hospital and bacteria, surgical incisions, catheters etc. start spreading the body whenever the risk of sepsis increases.

Septic avoidance

To prevent the spread of this infection, the following preventions are as follows:

  •  People whose immune system is weak, infection spreads quickly, so special attention is need.
  • Take care of cleanliness. In addition, take a bath daily. If there is any wound or wound on the body, then take care and include habits like washing hands in your routine.
  • Get vaccinated regularly Get vaccinated for pneumonia, flu or other infections.
  • Do not let the elderly body lack water.