What is myopia, know its symptoms, causes and methods of prevention.

What is myopia, know its symptoms, causes and methods of prevention.

Everyone must have heard about myopia. It is a more common eye disease in children, however it is an eye disease that can occur to anyone, which is known as myopia. In this, you have a lot of difficulty in looking at distant things while you can easily see things nearby. In this, the size of the pupil of the eye increases, so that the image does not form on the retina, but it is formed forward. Let us tell you about what is myopia, know its symptoms, causes and methods of prevention.

Increased eye irritations and diseases are the cause of people’s lifestyle. Due to which children do not get the necessary nutrition. Children are often sitting in front of TV, mobile for a long time, due to which myopia gets a place to spread legs.

What is myopia?

Myopia is also called “myopia”. Today, the problem of myopia in children is increasing very fast. Myopia is a refractive error in which near objects are apparent, but distant objects are blurred. You should know about myopia because the reason for this is that the refracted image is in focus in front of the retina. By the way, all the children who have myopia when they turn 18, they are more likely to become stable. In myopia, it is difficult to see distant objects until you are a few feet away, unless you are able to read an object or book up close. Chances are you are myopic, also known as myopia, that is, you can see things nearby carefully and cannot see clearly far away. This is a very common condition that your eye doctor can usually fix with glasses, contacts or eye surgery.

Myopia symptoms

There are some special symptoms of myopia from which it is possible to identify such as:

1. Repeatedly blink the eyelids.

2. Not being able to see things properly and feeling tired in the eyes with eye strain.

3. Having trouble while driving, especially at night.

4. Headache due to not seeing correctly.

5. Staring at eyes or wrinkling eyelids.

6. More water than eyes.

7. Having a headache.

8. Distant objects appear blurred.

All these are symptoms of myopia that you should know and if you also feel these symptoms means you are suffering from myopia and you should consult a doctor.

Myopia precaution

By the way, myopia means that the images in the eye focus in front of the retina, which causes vision to be blurred. The eyeball is too long or has a cornea or lens mihapen. However, the definition cannot explain the underlying cause of myopia. There are two types of myopia: simple myopia and high myopia.

1. Simple Myopia

Simple myopia has a low to moderate level of eye power from -0.5 to -6.0 ie diopers to low-to-moderate level of myopia. It is advisable to use glasses or contact lenses in this power. At the same time, you can also choose surgery to change the shape of the cornea, which reduces the need for glasses or lenses.

2. High Myopia

High myopia has -6.0 diopters or more. In this situation, apart from the need for a lens, the patient is at risk of structural damage to the eye because it involves too much eyeball.

Myopia requires caution in several ways such as:

1. Seek doctor’s advice on time.

2. Do not stare at any distant thing.

3. Wash eyes with cold water again and again.

4. Take good sleep.

5. Take eye drops and use it with the advice of a doctor.

6. Consuming a healthy diet such as leafy, green vegetables and whole grains can significantly reduce the chance of developing eye disease.

7. Develops exercise routines.

8. Stay away from stress because stress is a cause of serious illness and is suspected as a motivating factor in the condition of the eyes.

9. Nutrients support healthy vision.

10. Keep the eyes away while using the computer.

If you take these precautions, you can take care of yourself with myopia.

Treatment of myopia

There are several methods of treating myopia such as:

1. Atropine Eye Drop:

It has been used for many years for myopia. This makes it easier to control myopia.

2. Orthocartology:

This is a special type of contact lens that has to be worn at bedtime. This makes it possible to cure myopia temporarily. You do not need to apply glasses or contact lenses for hours.

3. Multi-focal contact lenses and goggles:

It is specialized lenses and glasses that make it possible to remove myopia. It is possible to control myopia.

4. Refractive surgery:

This is a type of surgery that corrects myopia. This reduces the need for glasses and contact lenses.

We have seen here what is myopia, what are its symptoms and how are its treatment. To control this, you can do the treatment mentioned above. At the same time, it is also important to take care of these things. In order to avoid adverse effects on the eyes, it is most important to reduce the TV, use the mobile only when needed, because keeping the eyes in the mobile reduces the eyesight.